One Night Stand

What say you and me get a little bit more…intimate?

When you first get started selling your used panties online you might feel a little bit overwhelmed.

You want everything to be perfect to start making sales. Am I right?

And yes, things like your profile picture and your bio are pretty fucking important when it comes to turning a guy from mildly interested in who you are and what you have to offer, into a hot mess that’s scrambling for his credit card in anticipation of buying your wares…

So that’s why I’ve created the One Night Stand offer.

I’m going to get intimate with your profile and your offers. I’m going to strip you down and get a firm grip on what’s working and what needs help.

Because sometimes you need the perspective of someone who’s been there, done that, wrote a book and started a top podcast on panty selling to tell you that you’re on the right track or how to shift gear to attract and sell to buyers.

Do you need help with your profile?

Are you absolutely lost on how to write your bio?

Would you like someone to give you pointers or potentially rewrite your bio to make it sound more appealing and less sucky?

Do you need help with how to write your product and service offers?

Looking for advice on pics or pricing?

Do you even have a crazy idea that you want someone to talk to about?

That’s where I come in.

A One Night Stand is where I take a look at your profile and give you my expert opinion on what needs changing. I’ll help you flesh out your profile and your adverts and give advice on potential niches you should consider. I’ll rewrite (where necessary) your profile and tell you what needs to be added or removed.

You have the final say on what changes you make but I’ll give you my advice from helping thousands of panty sellers to make more sales.

This stuff is important, now more than ever.

There are very few ways to stand out in this industry. The best way to ‘make it’ is absolutely to keep showing up and making connections. That’s been my strategy from the beginning and it’s what I talk about all the time on the podcast.

There are NO shortcuts to becoming a successful seller.

BUT, you can certainly up your chances by having a profile that’s compelling, creative, interesting and personal to you and your personality.

That’s where I can help.

Sign up for a One Night Stand.

Once you sign up, please email your profile link to

Within 24-48 hours you’ll receive full feedback which may include (but not limited to) an email, a screen recording, an audio message – whichever works best for your individual profile needs.

I’ll give you as much help as I possibly can and you’re welcome to come back to me as many times as you need to check on changes you’ve made or get additional feedback up to 28 days after our ‘stand’.

Any questions?

Get in touch.

Ready to sign up?

Here’s the link (click the image below)