Hi, I’m Dalma, the panty seller.

Yes, like in Orange Is The New Black!

If it crossed your mind that you could happily sell your panties online then this is the site for you! Whether you’re brand new to selling or a seasoned pro, Panty Selling School is the place for you to learn sales tips, techniques and strategies on upping your sales and becoming a global pantypreneur.

If you’re ready to sell panties and make some fabulous money on the side then you’ve come to the right place. ​

There’s a host of training options for you (including FREE training) and a blog where you can hear from other sellers, buyers and selling platforms.

But wait, there’s more…

How about the world’s best Panty Selling Podcast, sharing hints and tips on selling your underwear online?

I’ve got your back.

Become a global panty selling pantypreneur – yes, it’s a thing!

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