3x Your Income

It took me a while to catch on to this super easy way to 3 or even 5x your income…

The reason for that is before this work, I wasn’t all that savvy about sales.

Not everyone is great at sales but the good news is you can absolutely get better with every single transaction.

Every single message you have with a potential buyer is your opportunity to HONE your skills in ways that will impact your bottom line (still cracks me up using that phrase with panty selling).

So let’s get to business, shall we?

I’m talking UPSELLING.

I know a lot of you aren’t all that confident about ASKING FOR THE SALE, or even ASKING FOR WHAT YOU ARE WORTH or even ASKING FOR EVEN MORE! (Don’t worry, sales training on that coming V SOON – just as soon as I’ve got my shit together!)

But let’s pretend for a moment you’re at the point of sale. The guy has just asked for your payment details because he’s good to go.

NOW is the opportunity to UPSELL the shit out of something that you know he will be interested in.

If he’s buying panties, NOW is the time to upsell an extra day, an add-on or another pair (or even two) for a special discounted price.

If he’s buying a video, NOW is the time to tell him about a new video you’ve just made that you know he’ll love and he can have it for half price. 

If he’s buying socks, NOW is the time to tell him you have a secret foot video or ask him if he’d like a little video of you wearing them.


Whatever it is he’s interested in, UPSELL THE FUCK out of something along those lines.

No point selling him a foot video if he’s buying panties, right?

No point selling him another pair of panties if he’s already bought three pairs.

This takes a good amount of skill and a very relaxed, hey, would you be interested in this kinda vibe.

There’s no pressure with an upsell. It’s a very simple offer of something you know they’d like. You get upsold to all the time when you go into a store or the likes of Amazon etc. 

Upselling WILL make you more money. Start doing it with every transaction. Even a few dollars here and there adds up.

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Dalma x

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