7 Day Panty Sales Challenge

Join Me for 7 Days and Walk Out Crystal Clear on The Precise Inner and Outer Actions You Need to Take Your Panty Sales To The Next Level

Warning: this is a sales challenge for online sellers who are ready to nail down and get serious about selling strategies and mindset shifts.


Dalma Rosa - Global Pantypreneur

Hey, I’m Dalma, Global Pantypreneur.

I host The Panty Selling Podcast and have been selling panties online since 2018. I also happen to be a bit of a life-coach, a bit of a self-development junkie and a bit of a ‘let’s figure out how this sales stuff works and why’ kinda gal (must be my Psychology degree in action).

If you’re confused about how this works, how to make sales and what the hell you should be focusing on to get REAL results, then it’s time to dive in to the 7 Day Panty Sales Challenge.


EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Sell Your Panties – from the inside, out

I’m talking about:

  • Starting at the very core foundation of what you need to know and understand about YOURSELF and your business so that you will stand out
  • Making sales (and money) the way YOU want to in a way that supports your goals
  • Working with the buyers you REALLY would love to work with
  • Being KNOWN in the industry/community in the way you want to be known
  • Quitting all of the small-time, running around crazy nonsense you’re doing right now to get focused on real results and how to make them happen
  • Shifting your inner mindset game so that you can sell with confidence and ease


If You Really Want To Make This Work…

This 7 Day Panty Sales Challenge is ONLY for those who are committed to making sales. It’s not something you can sign up for and then ignore. You have to be willing to do the tasks and put in the daily work.

This challenge is NOT just about mindset, if you want to get to the levels of selling confidence and power and RESULTS, you also need to apply and practice what actually works when it comes to selling.

And that, is what the 7 Day Panty Sales Challenge is all about.


How it works and ‘what you get’

  • You’ll receive a daily email from me with specific training designed to give you razor-sharp clarity and practical action you can take immediately to shift your business to the next level
  • Daily worksheet on both INNER (mindset) and OUTER (practical) action tasks for you to take so that you’re clear on what needs to be done today and every day to make the monies!
  • A beautiful, fillable PDF worksheet that you can print off or type straight on to your device. 


What we’ll be covering in the challenge

  • Clarity around your why, and a vision that supports your work
  • The practicalities of what needs to get DONE each day in your business and how to do it
  • Powerful journal exercises so that you can create your future as a top seller
  • How to overcome your fears, limiting beliefs and sales objections
  • How to actually reach out and connect with buyers
  • Lifetime support from me and access to the Sellers Before Fellas Discord Group


But right now, let’s make this simple for you…

The 7 Day Panty Sales Challenge is hands-down the best super-focused, short sales training for panty sellers that exists online right now, particularly for serious panty sellers who want to generate income in a way that feels good.

  • Yes, you can be a selling machine with integrity, purpose and honesty. (And have fun in the process!).
  • This Sales Challenge is different because you’re going to become better at sales from the inside out. You’ll get to learn and apply the skills that are required, combined with the inner shifts that will help you to take it to the next level of sales, income and most importantly, fun!
  • I’ve spent my time learning how to become a Panty Selling Master. I want that for you too, and I KNOW you know you can have it.


The 7 Day Panty Sales Challenge goes for, err, 7 days…

Each day you’ll get sales insight and know-how as well as focused tasks you can deploy straight away. Combined with that you’ll get a mindset/inner game exercise to complete to compliment what you’ve been learning.

It’s EVERYTHING you need to sell like a panty selling pro!

And what’s more, I know money is a super important motivator for women joining this industry. I want to make it a no-brainer for you.

I have absolutely no doubt that the value in this challenge is worth at least ten times that, probably more. But it’s my mission and passion that you succeed and so I’m making it as easy as I can for you.

So, there’s just one question remaining…


Yes, Dalma, I’m Ready!

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