A Buyer’s Perspective on Onlyfans

I thought I would share my experience as an Onlyfans subscriber.

About two years ago, many of my friends in the business decided to open OnlyFans accounts. I honestly wasn’t interested because I was happy with their presence on Twitter which met my needs.

Several personally asked me to at least subscribe to their “free” accounts or they gave me a free trial to their paid accounts.

This was an offer I couldn’t refuse so I made an account on Onlyfans. It was as I expected. Some nudes and teasers, with
a lot of PPV clips on their feed; not much better than Twitter at the time.

My friends started cross-promoting other models, which is a good marketing ploy. I wasn’t interested but was asked to help out, so I subscribed to some new models that I didn’t know. I later regretted that decision.

Here are some of the issues that I have with the platform.

Any content purchased cannot be downloaded. I have to log on if I have the desire to watch it. If the model closes the account, the videos will be gone.

When I log on, I need to check my notifications. Every time a model changes her price or offers a deal, I get a notification. One model could not make up her mind and changed it 6 times in one day!

One model decided to change her “free” account to a $25 subscription and I missed it. No offense but she isn’t worth that much to me. Another changed her free account to $10.

Somewhere along the line, models decided that instead of listing the PPV content, they would send them as a DM. Now my inbox is clogged with them and I need to check through them all because I do get real messages sometimes. Two of those new models I mentioned earlier started sending me messages complaining that I never bought anything. So I unsubscribed. Somehow they were still able to send me PPV pitches and complaints so I had to block them.

At any one time I’m subscribed to around 16 accounts – 4 paid, 12 free. I’ll only resubscribe if I truly enjoy their content or I wish to support them and their work. When it comes to what PPV content to purchase, I don’t have a budget or limit. I’ll buy a clip that really catches my attention. Most are within the $10-$15 range. Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything over $20.

I haven’t tried AVN or Frisk or any of the other subscription sites. I probably would subscribe on a different platform as a favor to a seller.

My friends are making money but nowhere near the big bucks that YouTube women are purporting. I know it is a lot of work.
From their posts on Twitter, I believe these women in a cycle such that the lower their price, gain subscribers, raise their price
and lose subscribers. They work hard on their posts and content, but I don’t really know how much content that they sell.
Personally, I am sorta bored with it.


This is a guest blog post by Sniffwell.

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