A Day In The Life Of A Panty Seller

I’m sure plenty of people in the real world wonder about the typical day in the life of a panty seller.

I’m sure they might be curious as to what’s involved.

So in the spirit of transparency here’s a Dear Diary entry of my panty selling empire building…

Dear Diary,

After a slow start to the weekend I ended up selling one G Drive deal (all my premade videos and pics) for $75 as well as two pairs of stockings and a pair of panties at $100. I also sold a special video bundle folder for $25.

So all in all, not a bad weekend.

This morning I got to the post office first thing – because the pain of waiting in line in a Spanish post office can only be imagined. Spoiler: it’s as close to hell as you’ll get.

After I posted my stockings to Switzerland – I think that’s a first for Switzerland (I’m aiming for as many countries as possible), I went to the local coffee shop to write my blog and publish my podcast. Granted, this isn’t the efforts of the average panty seller.

I’m waiting for the lingerie shop to open because a gentleman approached me about buying stockings from a photograph that were already sold.

Naturally, the pantypreneur in me granted him his wish and now I need to find that exact pair in a shop in this little town. I LOVE a challenge! If I can’t find them then I will buy as close to and make sure he’s happy, explain the problem and if he is dissatisfied offer a full refund.

I am wearing today, which means the panties I’m wearing are spoken for. There are no additional requests for these so that’s easy enough. I just need to make sure I have the packaging to post out tomorrow morning. I know I’m fresh out of envelopes so another trip to the store is in order.

When I get home I’ll log into my panty selling platform and see who has checked my profile and answer any messages. I’ll also post a few adverts and see what’s going on.

I’d like to lock in a sale today but I have a few things on so I may not have time to spend talking to customers…

Let’s see!!


I hope that gives some insight into my day. Every day is different. Some days when I just get video or pic orders that’s pretty sweet.

When I get asked to do custom videos I have to be really in the mood. If I’m not feeling it I charge more to make sure I feel utterly compensated for my effort. Sometimes that’s a no deal, which is fine.

I’ll try to share more of these posts to be transparent about my day-to-day activities and sales.

For one thing, it’s not easy. It’s a lot of work to begin with. There are times you can coast and times when you feel you’ve spoken to four thousand guys and not got one bite!

But it’s good fun and I love it. Pantypreneurs UNITE!!

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  1. Every day (in every way), men are becoming gusset-sniffers;

    It’s happening faster than people realize!


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