A Unique Way To Stand Out As A Panty Seller

If you missed the Panty Selling Podcast on Monday (where were you?) then you’ll know I touched on how to stand out as a Panty Seller.

I already created some super hot content on this topic for the Pantydeal website – do take a listen, I’ve posted the video below.

But here’s another unique way that a lot of sellers miss the mark on.

And it’s something that’s super easy, fun and actually FEELS good.

For some, it may even feel counterintuitive, but I firmly believe in it.

What am I talking about?


If you’re on a platform, this is easy. Like their posts. Comment on their posts.. Add them as friends.

If you’re on social media, this is easy. Like their posts. Comment on their posts and retweet or share their stuff.

You want to do this because it’s a genuinely nice thing to do. Don’t be disingenuous. MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. Find something that you admire about them or their work and call them out on it.

Not only will you make someone’s day, you’ll get noticed in the process. By them and whomever else is watching or paying attention.

Also, you’ll feel fucking good doing this.

Seriously, I’m surprised I don’t see more sellers on platforms doing this.

Sure, some do. But a lot don’t.

We think we have to be lone wolves out there, every woman for herself.

We are too busy comparing ourselves to each other rather than just connecting.

Don’t separate. Connect.

It makes the work about five thousand times more fun and helpful to have created that sisterhood rather than to feel you are isolated, alone and lost.

But here’s the snag. If you have ego problems, if you can’t get over yourself, if you think you have to prove yourself amongst other sellers, if you can’t fathom being nice ‘just because’ then this strategy is not for you.

People can tell when something is disingenuous so start small and work on your own shit first.

Collaboration over competition has always been my vibe.

It’s why I created my group, Sellers Before Fellas.

I can’t stand negativity and cutting other sellers down. Sure, sometimes there’s a place for boundaries and affirming that certain behaviour is not desirable for the community at large. But really, the majority of us are in this together. We want to experience a great place to work and feel supported.

And that’s what I choose for you and that’s why I make an effort for at least five minutes every day to fucking do all I can to make another seller feel good and appreciated.

I suggest you try and find this time to do the same.

The rewards are more than just financial. Yes, you’ll stand out. You’ll be seen and in a good way. But you’ll also do your bit to infuse someone’s day (and your own) with kindness and the rewards for that are an eternity in heaven – just kidding. The rewards for that are limitless.

Don’t underestimate the power of supporting your fellow sellers.

It’s priceless.


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