Accepting Payment For Panties Online

I wanted to write a quick blog post to let you know how I’m currently accepting payment for selling used panties online.

When I first started, I was relying solely on PayPal, which, as we know, does not support sex work.

I am now on my 6th PayPal account. I’m not currently using it for receiving payment for panties but I do have it set up to accept donations for my podcast. I rarely use it. 

I have a Stripe merchant account. This means I can send an invoice and customers can pay by credit or debit card. I had this from a previous online business. Stripe do not support sex work. Again, I rarely use this but I have it as an option. If you happen to have another online business, or you can set up a sham business with website, it’s possible you can use this route. But be careful! Also Stripe does not obviously cover charge backs.

All My Links. I use this to keep all my links to my profiles and other sites together. All My Links allows you to collect crowdfunding payments. I’ve used this and it works. You will lose some money on their cut but it’s super easy and I love All My Links. Find out exactly how I use it here.

Onlyfans. Onlyfans is a subscription site for digital content. You are not supposed to sell physical items on it. But I have and receiving payment from them is easy. They take their cut but I’m good with that.

Indiebill. Again, as above. Not supposed to sell physical items but there is a tribute page function where tributes can be made and you may or may not decide to send panties in return… 😉 

Bank transfer. I’ve used bank transfer a few times. I don’t send my full name. There is uncertainty whether the bank statement will show the full name. Some banks seem to and others don’t. I should really test it out a bit more. Bank transfers are super easy.

Cashapp. I’ve used this a few times. It’s good and I’ve never had a problem but some sellers I know have had their accounts shut down. Cashapp is not international.

If you’re reading this and you’re in the USA, you have quite a number of other options that we don’t have in the EU or UK (RocketPay, Venmo). I’m not mentioning them here but you won’t be able to use them internationally.

Amazon Giftcards – I use these rarely. I’m happy to accept them as there’s always so much I want to buy on Amazon.

And that’s it. That’s what I’m currently using.

Any questions, hit me up!

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