Accommodating Panty Buyers

I’ve realised something after one year of selling my used panties online… I’m far too accommodating!

Yes, of course, we ought to offer wonderful customer service and a great panty buying experience. Believe me, there are lengths I have gone to for customers that you wouldn’t BELIEVE!!

BUT, and there is a but…

Not at the expense of our own time, safety or business.

What do I mean?

Well, we all know that payments can be a real pain in the ass.

Someone only wants to pay with cashapp or PayPal, but you don’t want to use PayPal and your cashapp doesn’t accept international payments. Yes, this is a real example.

Previously, I would have bent over backwards to accommodate their desires at the expense of my own. Using PayPal, risking it getting shut down OR IT ACTUALLY GETTING SHUT DOWN just because I wanted to make the sale and I didn’t assert or affirm that the way I wanted to take payment was X, Y or Z.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know buyers have their boundaries too. Some of my customers can’t use Indiebill or Onlyfans because it’s a card payment and their wife uses the account and would see it.

I get that.

But where it’s a simple case of them having to sign up to my Onlyfans to enter payment details to pay me in there… and they just WON’T… well, then I’m no longer interested in having to somehow find a way to make it work for them.

It’s like, if you were paying for something online and they didn’t take PayPal – how frustrating, right? But when you want the thing you get off your arse, get your wallet and put in your card details to pay they way they have set up.

And you might be annoyed because your ass is LAZY, but if you want the thing you pay that way.

And it’s the same here.

The way I WANT (desire) to take payment is Onlyfans. It’s quick, easy and yes, they take a cut but I’m cool with that.

Or Indiebill. Or All My Links when they get the payment links back up and running.

That’s what works FOR ME and my BUSINESS.

I’ve turned away business where they only want to pay with PayPal, even though I have an account. Because I don’t want the hassle of another closed account, certainly not for $10!!

And I’ve lost business because Cashapp isn’t international – sort it out, Cashapp.

But that’s just the way it goes.

From now on, I’m doing it the way that works for me. Less risk to my business just to please people who for no legitimate reason don’t want to download an app or enter a few details on a secure site.



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