Admire Me VIP Review

Yes, really. Another platform to explore. (Read about AVN Stars here and Onlyfans here.)

If you’ve been paying attention you know that I’ve been spending my days perusing the wonders of the web to discover new and amazing platforms on which you can sell your wares – digital content and panties.

The latest in my experiments is Admire Me VIP.

It’s A-NOTHER version of Onlyfans (I reviewed AVN Stars yesterday) where you get followers to subscribe to your content for a set price per month.

Just like AVN Stars, with Admire Me you can be found by site users on the home page which showcases their members. This is not a feature that Onlyfans provides. But, you do need to upload 50 items of content to be featured. So this will take a little while unless you bang it all up in one go. 

Another thing I like about Admire Me VIP is that you can use hashtags to be found. So you can really find users who might be interested in specific niches that you offer.

You can also upsell on your page by offering certain content at a premium price of your choosing. Generally they want you to post 4 normal posts and then one upsell or premium post so bare that in mind if you use upselling a lot on other platforms.

But there’s nothing to stop you selling in the DMs as with Onlyfans and AVN.

The site is UK based but does offer international options for payment so it must be open to the rest of the world. The commission is 20%, pretty standard.

I like the interface, it was super easy to set up and really easy to use.

It’s going to run my Admire Me account alongside my Onlyfans and AVN to appeal to more of the UK market.

All in all, I’d recommend.




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