Advice for Panty Buyers – Guest Blog Post

I’ve been a panty buyer off and on for 7 years on multiple panty selling platforms.

My first panty buy however was nearly twenty years ago.

I was out of town on business and found myself after hours at the local watering hole for a drink and a bit of “entertaining distraction.”

I was newly divorced and on the prowl.

I noticed a young lady across the room we exchanged glances several times, each time my gaze was met with a smile and a linger longer look.

The chase was on………

As I strolled across the room never taking eyes off her I knew whatever came out of my mouth had to get and hold her attention, make her laugh and challenge her outside the box.

I handed her a fresh drink that the bartender told me she was drinking and as I did I leaned into her ear and whispered……..

“There is a crisp clean $100 dollar Benjamin folded neatly in my pocket just for you……. IF……. You go to the ladies’ room right now take your panties off and come back putting them in my hand.”

As she pulled back her eyes searching mine with a definite “Is this guy serious?” look on her face. I silently answered her question flashing a quick wink and a naughty “I double dog dare you” grin.

With that she spun on her heel and headed to the ladies’ room.

A few minutes later she marched back into the room this time with a little steam in her stride. She confidently put those panties into my hand and introduced herself giving me the sexiest look that silently said “What are you going to do now Mr.?”

What happened after that was one of the most memorable one-night stands turned long standing intimate connections of my lifetime.

I still have those panties today nearly 20 years later tucked away in a rosewood cedar lined box.

I share that story only for the lessons in it for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers, capture your desired seller’s attention and bring her your BEST game.

Present yourself to her confident and cock-strong.

You ARE a sure thing and she will WANT to do business with you.

This IS a business not a meat market dating website and nothing in this realm is for FREE.

There is always risk on a panty selling platform the same as in life “What sparkles isn’t always gold!”

How the fuck are you going to find GOLD if you don’t put in the work and risk the money?

I’ll put it in manly terms: think of panty selling platforms (and Life) as a car lot.

If you want to test drive a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari Enzo you better show up wearing a suit that most bankers would envy with $$$ in hand.

If you’re walking around the lot kicking tires in blue jeans and grass stained worn out tennis shoes all you’re going to get is the budget lot lineup a 76 Ford Pinto, and an 80 Chevy Citation.

Your experience will leave you with the empty feeling that comes from “Throwing a hot dog down a hallway”.

Gentlemen, upgrade your game, know what you want and go fucking get it and I promise you the quality of your “Spank Bank” will follow suit.

Yeah, you might get the door slammed in your face from time to time, but really, those sellers are doing you a favor. They’ve narrowed your search for you.

Roll on, keep digging and you’ll find that vein of gold.

This has been my experience and I’ve won way more than I’ve lost!




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