Advice To Panty Sellers From A Used Panty Buyer

Today’s post is a guest blog post from a used panty buyer on how panty sellers can up their game and make more money!

So, you got the panty buyers attention! Good job.

The next step is to pick the panties that he will to buy.

Some sellers prefer to show only a couple of choices, this is not as enjoyable for the buyer. For me, I may actually end up picking something I wouldn’t normally buy just because you’ve taken some extra time to show me everything you have available.

You don’t need to post every single color variation, but your panty buyer will likely have a certain type that he favours.

If he can see everything you have to offer, this will HELP him BUY from YOU.

He is here to buy panties, don’t make him think too hard.

It is already a lot to get past that he wants to spend the money and to spend it with you. Now he must imagine what that pair may look like. Make it easy for him!

The brain is the best sex organ we have. The more you feed him a fantasy that he likes, the faster you will close that sale.

Make a standard package of things that go into every shipment you make.

Use a plain shipping envelope. The plainer the better! Just as you may not want to tell everyone what you are doing neither does he.

Figure out your price with basic shipping included. And then a price if the buyer is out of country.

Anything you can do to make the purchase as seamless as possible, the better the flow of the sale!

Most buyers will love getting “surprised” with “extras”. For you, the seller, “extras” should not be extra at all nor should they be listed in your ad. But doing them will make you stand out of all the other girls.

Some examples of things I have seen include fancy paper with a wax stamp, gift wrapping the panties, a short note thanking the buyer for the sell/experience, having some perfume on the note.

You could also get the email of the buyer when you get his info and pop a picture in his inbox or a link to your G drive for a short video/pic. I love to open a message and get a hot pic that I did not expect occasionally not regularly.

This doesn’t need to be a different picture for every buyer. If you choose to you can use this pic for that buyer that you have not talked to in a while.

This is a burner, recycle it and get all the good out of it you can.

Make this as easy on you as you can.

Send him a note on the platform you have been chatting on telling him that you are wearing the panties and how they are coming along. You have just extended the value of the sale many times more!

I have seen sellers superglue the wrapping around the panties. Duct tape the package like it was a hockey puck. All of this is going to make you more value than a cheap price. A snap on your cell phone and sending it to a buyer is easier and takes less time than reading this sentence.

When it is time to pack and ship the order there is a best way to prepare them. Some buyers like the panties shipped dry. I have been told that they will stew while in shipping and it is not something some buyers like.

I love panties to come as wet as possible.

If you prepare them in the way the video on Scented Pansy site shows, you will be able to pack panties correctly.

You should vacuum seal or Ziploc bag them, but the cling wrap on the gusset is VERY important. I often receive panties that are still wet. This prep tool will serve you well with most buyers.

In the end the less guess work you do by getting to know the buyers wants, and the more value you add, the happier the buyer will be.

None of the things will cost you more money, it will take a few minutes of time but you can charge much more and have more repeat customers by doing things like this.

Good Luck!


Thank You!

Mike Cline


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