All Things Worn Training

It takes more than just a good panty selling platform to make sales…

You need to know HOW to use a site to its full potential.


All Things Worn Training

A live walk-through training where I teach you the most fundamental aspects of panty selling on a platform designed to help you become a successful panty seller.

How to set up a profile that actually ATTRACTS your ideal customers

Identify and connect with customers who want what you have to sell

My personal strategies for creating sales and loyal customers

Hacks and tips for maximising your potential income

The exact process I go through in my panty selling business

Secrets to success that will set you apart from most sellers

What to pay attention to and what to ignore if you want to go next-level


Why All Things Worn?

One of the best panty selling sites out there (in my opinion), All Things Worn is a site you need to be selling on.

All Things Worn is the site I use to sell worn fetish items (and more) and it is the main site where I make most of my sales.

I firmly believe this platform is going to be the biggest and best site online for purchasing worn items (yes, even bigger and better than Pantydeal) and if you know how to use it to the best of its ability, you’ll be making sales very quickly.


What’s Included?

The All Things Worn Training is a 75 minute live walk-through screencast of me showing you how to set up and use the site for maximum impact.

It’s not enough to know what to do, you need to know HOW to do it. That’s exactly what I share with you in the training.

You’ll also receive additional bonus trainings from the Ultimate Guide that will help you to show up and shine as the global pantypreneur hustler you are.

As new functions are added to the site, I’ll be adding more videos and tutorials on how to use them to impact your bottom line. You’ll have lifetime access to the training and it will evolve as the site does.

Finally, you’ll be able to contact me with any questions you may have about using the site (or selling in general).


Are you ready? Let’s go!

Click on the image below for instant access to the training (via Payhip)