Am I Doing This Right?

I got this question from a seller:

I found the Panty Selling podcast and got so motivated and decided I need to stop thinking about doing it and actually start. So I bought your Ultimate Guide on your website as well, and I’ve just been listening and reading and now I feel like I’m so in over my head, there’s so much stuff to retain!

I know this will be hard work of course. And I’ve only been on here for a few days so I won’t let myself get discouraged at all yet. But I guess I just wanted to ask if it looks like I’m doing this right at all? Are my pictures okay? Should I add something to my bio? If you have anymore tips or tricks or just words of wisdom, I’d be so grateful!! 

This kind of question comes up a lot with new online panty sellers.

So first of all, take it slow.

There’s a lot to learn and this learning curve is a steep one.

I’d say the first three months are really a make-or-break time where you’re learning a lot about running your own panty selling business, customers and all the fun that comes along with that and trying to wear all the hats (and panties LOL).

I honestly think if you can make it past the first 90 days, chances are you’re cut out for this work. If not, don’t despair. Panty selling is not for everyone.

With regards to the nuts and bolts of your selling page. Your profile is going to be tweaked and tweaked and tweaked. You are going to take new and better pics (check out Pics That $ell if you need help with that). Your offerings WILL change.

It’s all a fabulous work in progress and there’s no ‘getting there’ with it. You’re going to always be upgrading and elevating all aspects of your work and business. That’s normal.

So with that in mind, don’t sweat it. You’re going to just keep getting better. You can’t be in this business for a while and get worse. That defies the very laws of physics! So there’s that.


TIME is what is going to make you a better seller with a better income.

It takes time to build your customer base.

It takes time to build your know-like-trust factor.

So many sellers just bow out at the first or second hurdle when they were just on the precipice of a breakthrough.

Faith and trust and belief in yourself is critical and you know what? That’s the hardest fucking part of this work.

Continued practice keeping your mindset in check and not letting that niggley little voice in your head talk  you out of making something of this business – ANY BUSINESS!

Now, don’t get complacent of course. You should always be aiming to build upon where you’re at. If you think your bio needs help, do the work and find out how to make a great bio.

If you think your pics need help, there are twenty billion YouTube videos (slight exaggeration) on how to take better pics (or take my course obvs). 

If you think your sales technique needs helping, you can READ up on how to sell. 

It’s not  like the answers aren’t there. You live in the 21st century. I think, I’m pretty sure I’m right on this, they call that the INFORMATION AGE. There’s no fucking excuse not to get better at shit. And who knew there was even a podcast to help you sell panties in the modern world? 😉 

Anyway. I’m telling you to chill out. Do what you can. Work on the outer stuff (strategies) and the inner stuff (mindset). Keep going. Head down. Focus on the right things and HAVE FUN.

Don’t evaluate how well you’re doing until at LEAST three months. Maybe even six. 

That’s right.

I know lots of people struggle to think long-term. (Spoiler: that isn’t even long-term). But don’t freak out if you don’t think it’s going anywhere for the first few months.

A lot of momentum is absolutely invisible. You don’t think anything is happening and then BOOM, you move up to the next level.

I’m here to help.


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