Am I Wasting My Time?

I was chatting with a panty seller in my group Sellers Before Fellas and from looking at her profile on Pantydeal I noticed that she wasn’t utilising the main feed (or wall) for anything other than reposting items for sale.

I mentioned that I felt she ought to use the main feed for engaging with potential customers to have more of a conversation.

She responded:

“When I post statuses to try to start a conversation it gets lost in the mix and usually doesn’t get responded to or noticed. On PD the feed goes so fast that I don’t feel like my stuff gets noticed at all because I’m not posting dozens of ads at once.”

THIS IS SO COMMON. Honestly, it’s come up so many times I want to talk about it.

I know, it’s not fun when you post a status asking a question and nobody responds. Hell, nobody even ‘likes’ it!!!

I get it.

It feels awkward as fuck and you tell yourself it’s pointless and there’s no point posting shit like that.

Because who the fuck wants to be ignored? Well, you know, apart from the guys who have an ignore fetish. YES, IT’S A THING!


Here’s my advice.

You need to post that shit anyway.

You need to post that shit AS IF everyone is liking and replying to it.

Because the alternative is to just repost your shop items. And that’s boring as fuck.

People (buyers) want to get to know you. And here’s the thing:


They are seeing the stuff you post.

Yes, they aren’t liking it or even replying but they are SEEING IT.

And seeing you in all your glory is the fucking name of the SELLING GAME.

Imagine companies that paid for billboards (you’ve already paid for the advertising space by way of your premium by the way) didn’t bother because they thought nobody will like my advert or buy my stuff.


Does that sound likely or a complete crock of shit?




Here’s what to do.

Resign yourself to the fact that every fucking status update you make will be ignored.

Resign yourself to the fact that the first few times will be awkward as you feel you’re talking to yourself.

EMBRACE both those things.

And get on with it.

Because the alternative is just to do the repost thing every few minutes.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting to stand out as yourself and in amongst the repost (still definitely do the fucking repost thing) you spice things up with conversation, questions, special offers, fun facts or whatever the fuck?

Yes, yes it would.

Now, before any haters out there (hi guys, love you!) come at me with the ‘This isn’t Facebook’ type reply, I’m not suggesting we turn panty selling platforms into Facebook. Don’t share a picture of your lunch (unless you vibe with that) or your politics (LORD SAVE US – although, there’s definitely an angle there that could work) BUT it doesn’t hurt to get some spicy takes in there in amongst the repost stuff.

And yes, the feed on most big panty selling sites DOES move incredibly fast.

So fuck?

Should we give up?

No. We post and we engage and we continue to do our other selling strategies (my own platform based strategies are outlined in my training Platform Prowess) and we experiment with all the things until we find our groove, our style and our vibe all whilst being fabulously on brand dahling! LOLZĀ 

It’s not easy at first. But the more you experiment the more you find your voice and when you find your voice your customers can hear your voice and resonate with that voice and want to fucking buy from you!

That’s selling, baby!


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