An Easy Way To Sell Your Used Panties

When it comes to selling online, imagine you were completely unattached to the outcome.

What is the outcome?

The sale, of course. And the ongoing buyer-seller relationship – because that is GOLDEN.

But imagine if you approached your day, just one day – hell, just one hour! – with a complete non-attachment to making that happen.

Like, if you just allowed it to happen or not.

If the next conversation you had with a potential customer had no agenda.

Had no NEED or URGENCY to it.

Even if you haven’t sold all week… Or month!

Imagine you could let the fuck go of the need for the sale.

How would that free you up?

Free up your energy?

How would you interact with the knowing that it didn’t matter whether you sold or not to this person?

How would the conversation flow?

Would the customer feel differently about your interaction if your sole intention wasn’t to sell to them?

Because that’s what we’re going for here.

Yes, we want to fucking sell. Of course, it’s a fucking BUSINESS.

But no, we don’t want to be attached to the sale.

Because if it’s not him, it’s someone else.

And knowing that, believing that, is where you want to shift your energy to.

Because when I just don’t give a fuck whether I make the sale or not (in a healthy way I’ve described above, not in a ‘I’ve had enough of this shit’ way, THAT is when I make more sales.

I really don’t care if you buy from me or not. I care about selling but I don’t HAVE to or NEED to sell to you at this moment.

That kind of trust and faith that the sales come and that you can be completely unattached to that one person and that one sale is fucking GOLD, I tell you.

Your customers pick up on it and suddenly everyone is free to just be themselves and communicate as human beings. And when the customer doesn’t fear that you have this massive expectation or transactional approach, they warm to you.

And people buy from people.

I repeat, people buy from people. They don’t buy from a heavy sale. And if they do, they feel icky and chances are you will too.

So here’s my advice, just for one day, be completely unattached to the outcome.

That does absolutely not mean DO NOTHING!

Still do the things. Still make the contact. Still flaunt your wares.

But in your interactions, be unattached.

Let it go and see what happens.

***I want to mention that I understand and fully acknowledge that the above post is coming from a place of privilege and that some sellers are struggling so badly financially that to hear me say “don’t sweat the income” is triggering and potentially offensive. I recognise there are circumstances where the need and urgency for money are real and life-threatening. I fully support and acknowledge all women in this space and will do all I can to share as much supportive information to help women pull themselves out of financial dire straits..

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