Should You Pay Premium Membership on Panty Selling Platforms?

I got these two questions back-to-back:

“Sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering if the premium subscription for allthingsworn is worth it?”


“I saw that there is a fee for some sites and some reviews say that with the fee that it makes it not worth it. What do you think about this with experience and what sites do you recommend for a beginner?”


These questions come up a lot. There are more legitimate than ever with sellers complaining about influx of new sellers to platforms without the buyers there to back them up as they enter the industry.
I’ve spoken on the podcast a number of times about the ‘ecosystem’ of the industry and how supply and demand will balance itself out.
Sellers give up too easily when they see it isn’t easy money. That certainly helps create the balance.
A good platform SHOULD invest a good proportion of it’s monthly revenue into advertising and bringing buyers on to its platform (once the site development is up to scratch). But that’s not as easy as it sounds.
I don’t disagree with platforms charging a fee. They have costs and people to pay to answer support requests and all that malarkey.
Things get tricky where there’s a very clear demand problem on a site with too many sellers. It makes things shaky for a while until the balance returns.
That’s why bigger sites tend to be the better ones to join in the beginning. You’ve more chance of learning the ropes AND making a sale than joining smaller sites.
That said, smaller sites charge less and can be a haven away from busy, bigger sites.
I’m going to talk about platforms on the forthcoming episode of The Panty Selling Podcast.
I guess the better question is will you make sales without upgrading to the premium option on a site?
The answer is that you are very unlikely to.
On most platforms, without paying premium, you won’t be able to access messages. You can’t make sales without being able to speak to customers, right?
If you wanted to try and save money in the short-run, you can get things set up first like your shop and items and figure out how things work and then when you’re ready to go, upgrade to premium membership. That would be my advice. 
That applies to every platform. They make it so you can’t do very much without paying the fee! 🙁  They’re a business afterall! They’re there to make money. Some platforms care more about their members than others.
I can’t tell you whether it’s worth it for you because I don’t know your personal level of energy, motivation and tenacity.
If you’re the kind of person that gives up easily, then no, don’t pay premium.
If you’re the kind of person that wants it to be easy and sales to appear from the heavens, then no, don’t pay premium.
If you are prepared to put in a good amount of time and effort for at least 90 days, potentially “costing” you 3 x the premium rate, then yes, give it a go.
Not every seller will last, that’s for sure. It’s a tough fucking industry and it’s not for everyone.
Take the time to listen to the podcasts and read the blog before jumping in!

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