Are You Paying Attention To Your Menstrual Cycle?

If you’ve listened to the Panty Selling Podcast (and why would’t you?) you’ll know that I talk here and there about the ups and downs of selling your used panties online.

You don’t have to be a NASA Scientist to work out that a lot of your downs are a particular time of the month.


Here’s why:

Your hormones are a total bitch at times.

They make you not want to do stuff.

Not want to ‘be seen’.

Not want to flirt or have fun.

Just curl up with some ice cream and a re-run of Will and Grace from circa 1999.

That’s called SCIENCE.

How does it relate to selling?

Well, pre-ovulation, you’re likely to be all out in there in everyone’s face. You have the energy, the motivation and the charisma to make men blush (and more importantly, buy).

Ovulation stage? Well, strap yourself in because all the cards are in your favour. You love what you do, how you do it and your followers do too.

That’s when things start to go slightly downhill.

After ovulation your body is basically like “Well, this bitch ain’t pregnant so she can sod off until next month.” #science

And so you’ll find that as you descend towards your period you’ll have less energy, motivation and oomph to get shit done in life and in business.

You’ll feel less inclined to show yourself off and you’ll probably find yourself comparing yourself to other sellers, criticising your body and looks and all kinds of other fucked up shit.

You’ll maybe even question if you should be selling AT ALL.

Yep, that’s your cycle alright.

Now, if you’re on artificial hormones, a lot of this might not apply to you. You might not even know where in your cycle you are.

Personally, I don’t endorse artificial methods of birth control. Call me crazy but they shrink your clit and that is a FACT.

But I digress.

My point is you ought to just be at the very least AWARE of this situation so that you can work it in your favour. Plan your business around your period and you’ll get better results. I swear!

If you want more details on how I got to grips with my period, check out this book (spoiler: it’s AMAZING).


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