How To Avoid Being Scammed Buying Panties Online

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve already compiled a lot of interviews with buyers here on the blog but I’ve taken my time in putting together a guide for buyers on how to avoid being scammed when buying used panties online.

But here we are.

Why is this post important?

Well, if you look at reviews online of different platforms like Pantydeal, you’ll see that a lot of buyers complain about being scammed. They join the site. They lose money. They end up angry and frustrated and label the whole site as “full of scammers”.

The good news is that there are ways for buyers to avoid being scammed. These aren’t 100% foolproof but, if you follow them then it should stand you in good stead to avoid losing money.


The first recommendation is that you join a platform.

Buying panties from Craigslist and Reddit works for plenty but a downside of those options is that they don’t have any recourse should you be scammed and they also don’t have the review systems in place that panty selling platforms do. If you want to see the different platforms on offer, check out my Resources section.

Now, I’m the first person to tell you that review systems on most of the major platforms are utterly flawed. People exchange reviews for freebies, people leave revenge reviews, people set up fake accounts and leave themselves reviews. So yes, reviews are not foolproof. But, generally speaking, the more reviews the person has the more trustworthy they are and therefore you can rely on that a bit more than buying somewhere online where it’s not easy to trace previous customers and what they had to say.


Do your research on reviews.

If you are going to look at the reviews the person has on a platform, be sure to check out the profiles of those who have left her reviews. Have they only left one review and for that person or have they a lot of reviews as a buyer and are therefore connected to other sellers too? Again, the trustworthiness of the people leaving your chosen seller reviews are also important so dig deeper.

If the people leaving your chosen seller a review are inactive since they left the review, are no longer on the platform or have only bought once or twice, then that does throw into question the legitimacy of their review.

Like I said, if your seller has over 15 reviews then they are going to go up and up in terms of how much you can trust the reviews. Some sellers will go to lengths to set up accounts to get review numbers up. Check the wording of reviews. Just like Amazon. When you’re reading reviews sometimes it becomes apparent that the reviews are written in a very similar way or very short, which calls into question the legitimacy of the reviews being left. Even if they claim to be a verified purchase! 🙂 

For me personally, the review system in place on the Scented Pansy website seems to be the most comprehensive and least likely to be faked.


Take your time

I suggested you joined a platform. The best advice I can give you is to not purchase anything for the first 14 days if you want to lower your risk of being scammed. But, you should login to the platform each day for 14 days to get a better understanding of the main sellers and how things work.

You should pay attention to personalities and pricing. And to the community at large.

Nobody joins a forum and then goes in all guns blazing on the first day. They maybe introduce themselves and then they sit back and pay attention. They get to know who people are and what they do. Take a look around and figure things out. If you rush in and buy from the first seller that causes you to stir then you’re thinking with your dick and not with your brain.

This is good advice for your chosen platform. You’ll see that most platforms have ways of helping you to search for a number of search terms and you can usually find a list that ranks sellers. Those lists are designed to help you and will allow you to find reliable sellers straight off the bat. Normally the sellers who occupy the top 20-50 on a site are to be trusted and you can guarantee you won’t be scammed.

But that said, I still think it’s a good idea to take at least one week to scope the place out and get a feel for the different sellers.

Take a note of the names (or bookmark) of the sellers profiles you like best so you can find them again. Be patient. The guys I’ve spoken to who have lost money (multiple times) are the ones who got carried away by a pretty face and rushed to buy without doing the necessary research. Some of the mistakes that have been made are ridiculous. Buying from a seller who just joined in the first few hours. Buying from a seller who had reviews as an actual scammer but the buyer “forgot to check”. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that 80% of the guys who get scammed could’ve avoided it by just doing a basic sanity check.


Do more research!

If a seller stands out to you for whatever reason – normally because you’re attracted to them – then it’s time to take a look at her profile and find out more about her.

Sellers who take the time to create a strong profile are generally in it for the long-haul. A good profile will include a good profile picture, additional pictures of her to let you see what she looks like, a well-written profile description that describes her in more detail and then a number of shop items.

Red flags would be a profile that’s one or two sentences, pictures that seem like she’s just finished her day job as a Russian Vogue model (spoiler: stolen pics) or hardly any shop items or items that seem too good to be true (think an entire G Drive for $10).

Scammers are in the game for a fast buck. Think hit and run. They want a lot of money fast, before they are caught and then the account is deleted.

You want to see that the seller you have chosen has been on the site for a while. Is logging in regularly – at least every couple of days. And that they are selling items in line with other sellers and for prices in the same ballpark. Low, low prices should be a red flag for you. If it isn’t a scammer, then the quality is likely questionable! 


Reverse image search.

Like I said, if the images on the profile seem like this seller should be a super model, it’s time to double check. You can save the image and then go on to Google Image on your desktop. There’s a camera icon to the right of the search bar where you’re able to upload the pic and have it searched on the internet.

This is how most scammers are caught. They use model pics in the hope that your dick will take control of your wallet. They’ll take your money and run. Or you’ll get sent videos they’ve grabbed from Pornhub or something.

If you don’t know how to follow the instructions above. Google ‘Reverse Image Search’ and it’ll show you how to do it.

Again, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is.



Most sellers are happy to engage in a little chit-chat here and there prior to a sale. Someone who comes straight off the bat asking for a sale may not be a scammer, but is certainly demonstrating that they care more about their needs than yours. You may like that approach.

If you want to get a ‘feel’ for your seller then you should approach and ask them something about them or their products. Like I said, most will be happy to engage provided you aren’t trying to get off for free or wasting their time – in terms of wanting to chat for hours when you have no intention of buying. A lot of sellers will not have an infinite amount of time and energy to dedicate to you and your needs so you ought to respect that.

But, a little conversation will help you to build trust in your seller and feel more confident about buying from them.


Payment Options

Don’t be surprised if your sellers only wants to accept certain methods of payment. This does not mean she is trying to scam you. PayPal is not a good option for sellers and some sellers don’t want to buy Amazon products. Most sellers will attempt to have a few methods for you to choose from. But not always. If you can’t agree then you should look elsewhere. It goes without saying that where scammers are concerned, some are actually interested in scamming you by phishing for personal details. You ought to be vigilant too if you find a seller asking odd questions.



Most sellers will be able to tell you when they can wear for you. They will know where you fit in in terms of how many orders are ahead of you and how many days away they will be wearing for you. A good seller will be upfront with you if there is an expected delay before you pay. But not always. Some sellers are more organised than others so don’t take this as a red flag. They will also ask you for your home address at the point of sale. 


Back to reviews

What should you do if the seller has a bad review? Well, some reviews are revenge reviews. Do your research. Visit the profile of the person who left a bad review. If they have excellent reviews themselves then it might be worth messaging them to ask if they’d give you more details. If they have terrible reviews then it’s likely that that person is causing trouble for your seller.

If the seller has more than one or two bad reviews, I’d be inclined to advise holding off from making a purchase from that seller until you do more research or ask her for her feedback on the reviews and see how you feel about her response. You don’t need to interrogate, simply be honest that you’d like to purchase from her but you’re hesitant because of the reviews.


Social Proof

Not all sellers have social media channels but a lot do. Find out if she has an Instagram page or Twitter account. Does she have her own website? If so, check them out. Again, this paints a picture about how ‘serious’ your seller is in her craft. Instagram has a habit of shutting sex workers down so don’t use this as a hard and fast rule. Is she active on Twitter? Following other sellers? 

If you’re resorting to messaging via KIK, how long has she been on KIK for? It will tell you when you find the person’s profile.

Again, someone who has been selling for one week or month versus someone selling for 12 months or more is going to have a different level of trustworthiness and professionalism. That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t buy from new sellers – everyone needs a first break – but that if you’re new to buying used panties online and you’re worried about being scammed then for sure, err towards more professional and established sellers.


Be clear about what you’re looking for

If it’s important to you to see face in a video, make sure you double check that before payment. If you desire a very strong scent, make sure you are clear about that with your seller to avoid disappointment. Sellers won’t always have every single whim written in their profile for you to make a decision so decide beforehand what your main desires are so that you can find out whether they can provide that for you before payment is made and you’re dissatisfied with the end result.


The longer you’re doing this the better you become at spotting the fake

Just like the longer sellers do this the better they become at spotting time-wasters, scammers and weirdos, the same applies to you. The longer you are a member of a platform the more you’ll learn and hear about scammers and scams. You’ll pick up on what to watch out for and you’ll have your own fifth sense. Not always. Like I said, if you’re going to think with your dick instead of your brain then your wallet is likely to be punished. Possibly more than once.


The best way to get to know whether you should buy from someone is to do your background research and once that’s all good to go, reach out to them and see if you have a connection. Most sellers are friendly and professional. It’s possible that some have had a barrage of time wasters or clowns so don’t take it personally if you see or are at the bad end of a seller being impatient or misunderstanding you in some way. That happens.

Be courteous. Be respectful. Don’t feel that you are obligated to buy and you may of course ask questions about your order before making a payment. But also make sure the answers to your questions haven’t already been addressed in a seller’s profile or shop page.

Be clear about what you’re looking for. If you can’t afford it then say so, nobody likes to be kept hanging. Treat sellers the way you’d like to be treated.

There are excellent sellers out there who are appalled at the action of scammers (whether those are males pretending to be females or sellers who just take shortcuts and don’t give a shit about taking your money and not delivering or delivering sub-par products). We are out there and we’re in the business to ensure you are satisfied 100%. 

If you’re looking for a reliable seller, I can help!

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