Buying Used Panties Online – An Interview

How long have you been buying used panties?

I’ve been buying panties and their associated services for almost four years now. I still look back and smile at some of my more memorable first experiences.


Where do you buy from?

I only buy from Pantydeal now. Having tried other similar sites in the past, I still think they fall short on certain areas like the community spirit and review system that PD offers. It gives you confidence as a buyer and seller alike.


How many pairs do you buy per month?

I probably only buy one pair a month now, definitely quality over quantity every time for me.


Do you buy anything else other than panties?

Apart from the obligatory pictures most sellers are happy to include, videos are always a great addition to a panty wear for me. I want to see how they are lovingly prepared in those last few hours before being sealed and packaged to be sent on their next journey.


What do you look for in a panty seller?

I am always drawn to the ‘girl next door’ kinda panty seller, the type of person who juggles everyday family life yet still finds time to fulfil other’s panty passions. Pushy and presumptuous messages are the biggest turn off for any buyer I’m sure. I never want it to feel purely like a business arrangement, those first initial messages speak volumes.


What advice do you have for new sellers?

New sellers need to be prepared to put in the work to get noticed. With such competition and so many well established sellers already present, expect the first few weeks to be difficult.


What advice do you have for new buyers?

New buyers need to learn good manners and respect go a long way. The review system on Pantydeal works brilliantly in respect of sellers being able to sing your praises for super smooth deals.


Do you think the market is saturated? 

There has always been a larger ratio of sellers to buyers, likewise a high turnover who never seem to last more than a few months. All competition is healthy and it is genuinely heartwarming to see so many well established girls offering help and advice to others.


What’s the future of panty selling online?

Panty selling online can only go from strength to strength in the future with likes of podcasts and workshops now being offered. There is a lifetime of knowledge and experience being shared within the community, don’t be scared to tap into these and ask for any help needed.

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