Can Men Sell Their Used Underwear Online?

Can guys sell their used boxers and socks online?

Yes, yes they can. And do!

It’s not uncommon for guys to make a few hundred dollars A WEEK selling worn boxers, briefs and socks to men online.

That’s right, to men.

Contrary to what some guys believe, there really isn’t a market for guys to sell to women. Unless you’re David Beckham or Brad Pitt, it’s unlikely any woman out there is going to want your soiled briefs!

But guys do.

A lot of guys will purchase men’s worn items from female sellers who happen to have access to male ‘items’ but there’s a growing market of men signing up to sites like censored to sell their worn garments and even digital items.

The going rate for men selling their underwear online is in the region of $30 per pair of underwear and $20+ for socks. 

Whilst some guys may have a mental block around selling their underwear to guys online, most guys are happy to take the money in exchange for posting something they don’t have to wash!

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  1. I’m really interested in selling my panties and my husband underwear but I’m really not sure how to get started like how do I charge for the cost of delivery to the customer and the price for the item


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