Can You Be A Successful Panty Seller Without Social Media?

I received this question from a new panty seller about whether you can still be a successful panty seller without relying on social media…

When I started selling panties online, I sold only on platforms.

I did open an instagram, thinking that was the best idea, until one of my friends found my account through the ‘suggestions’ – thanks, Instagram!

I promptly shut it down and didn’t touch it again until recently.

With Instagram, I’m really picky about who I let follow me. If they are following hundreds or thousands but don’t post, that’s a big no no for me. If they follow people I follow or who follow me, that’s generally a good sign.

But really, I don’t RELY on Instagram to sell used panties.

Now Twitter, I like Twitter and I do think that it’s useful to have a following there.

Does that mean you need Twitter to sell used panties?

Not one bit.

But it is good allow people to get to know, like and trust you and to show that you’re legit.

If you’re new to a platform or just joining a new one, where people don’t know you, BUT you can send them to your Twitter that shows you’re what you say you are… then that’s a bonus in my book!

I sold quite happily just using platforms without ever touching social media for months.

You don’t need a profile on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat or ANYTHING else, if you are selling on panty selling platforms.

If you’re not selling on platforms, you may struggle a bit more.

That’s my advice.

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