Can You Make Money Selling Dick Ratings?

First of all, for those who are entirely unsure, let’s define a dick rating…

Basically, a dick rating is a way to MONETIZE dick pics.

That’s right, a guy sends you a pic of his dick and for a small fee – or even a large one – you give him a rating of his, well, member. You get the cash and he gets to walk away knowing exactly what you think of his phallus. 

Straight-forward, right?

Well, believe it or not there is a lot of different options when it comes to dick ratings and lots of things you can offer your prospective customers.

The very first super important question is what type of dick rating does he want?

Does the guy in question REALLY want to know what you make of his ‘little man?’

Because let’s face it, women are pretty good at bending the truth and being delicate when it comes to giving our honest opinion on the size and shape of his schlong. We’ve all been there, right?

The reason I ask is that when it comes to a cock rating, there are some guys who probably don’t want the truth – YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH, LITERALLY (PUN) – but there are also guys who want the absolute unfettered naked truth about what’s going on in the trouser department.

So, our first type of dick rating is an HONEST rating. That’s where a guy takes full responsibility for what you’re going to say about it. In a way this type of dick rating is very freeing because you’re not trying to protect someone’s ego.

Next up is something that not everyone feels comfortable with – although some sellers absolutely LOVE this type of dick rating. This type of review is particularly popular among cucks or guys with a SPH fetish. It’s the HUMILIATION cock rating. This is where a guy is paying you to deliberately BERATE THE LIVING SHIT out of his member. That’s right! He wants you to MOCK HIS COCK! These guys get off on being categorically told that there’s no way his weenie is up to the task. These guys might also be inclined to wear cock cages and such. Honestly, these ratings can be the best fun and if you have this kind of customer, there are many upsells to be made in this niche!

Finally, and possibly less common, is the ADORATION review. This is where the guy is only going to hear all the good things about his perfect pecker – whether you mean them or not. He wants you to lavish praise and affection on his tadger and go into detail about what delightful things you’d do was it to be in front of you. Again, pretty damn easy money.

It’s important to know what kind of review your customer is looking for.

I made one of the worst mistakes ASSUMING that one of my customers wanted a SPH (small penis humiliation) only to discover NOOOOOOOOOOOO HE DID NOT! Yikes. That took some back-peddling, I’ll tell you.

You could advertise different options for your customer or market one specific variety and speak directly to those customers.

Like this

Dick Ratings – I will MOCK YOUR COCK 

Cock Rating – Let Me Lavish Your Love Stick

Dick Rating – The Truth About Your Tool

Now, these aren’t amazing but you can see that the wording in your advert is directly speaking to a particular TYPE of dick rating. The onus is then on your advert wording and your exchange with your customer to know what he’s paying for.

So let’s talk price… 


Well, dick ratings are part and parcel of an overall package. There certainly ARE people on the interwebs who only rate cocks and nothing else. Some don’t even ask for payment!!! But whatever floats your boat.

Again, the answer is it depends on what you offer.

A basic written rating out of 5 and that’s all – you might ask for $5.

A written rating that’s more detailed might start at $15 and go up to $25

A video rating that’s short and sweet would probably start at $20 and go all the way up depending on length (of VIDEO) and various degrees of undress you may offer in the video.

You can also join up with other sellers and offer group ratings where the customer is added to a KIK group while you berate his rod. More than one seller calls for a much bigger price tag but this is an ULTIMATE particularly for SPH guys.

You could decide to make ratings your niche speciality. You could be the COCK CONNOISSEUR! 

Now, I love to write. So my preference was always detailed written reports with an overall rating at the end.

And I was very good at it.

In general dick ratings probably made up 15-20% of requests. I’ll tell you this though, I get A LOT of requests for ratings through this very blog. 

Don’t get me wrong, dick ratings can be an exercise in creative writing.  As such, it takes practice and not everyone loves to write them or knows what to write.

Look at this blog post for example. I couldn’t just write dick and cock all the way through, I deliberately looked for other words to help make the reading interesting and non-repetitive.

But if you’re struggling and you want to add this offering to your sales income, I’ve got your back.


This is a fully comprehensive training on what and how and includes written examples of ratings I provided in the past (not the pics though obvs).

If you want to master dick rating then this will definitely help. I’ll walk you through everything from sales to rating writing and everything in between.

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