Can You Stay Anonymous Selling Panties?

I received this message from a new used panty seller:

“Is there any way to truly stay anonymous selling panties? I have no shame but my older children have prominent employment positions and it may be devastating to their careers if I’m found out…any info you have would be greatly appreciated..”

So the answer is yes, it is possible. But only if you stay alert.

Set up a brand new email address.

Set up your payment methods. If you set them up under a false name you’ll at some point be asked to prove your identity (ya know, money laundering is a thing!) so you either ditch the account at that point and start over OR you set up in your real name and upgrade to a business account or change your name afterwards – not always easy depending on the payment.

Never use photos you have on social media or online ANYWHERE.

Remove location settings from your phone before taking pics. Or use pic edit apps to create a new picture altogether.

I advise coming off Facebook and making your instagram account private with no face pic profile picture. Especially if your name is unique and you can be found easily.

Never share personal details about you, your town, your job or ANYTHING.

Don’t use your address as a return address. Pick an address in another town.

Don’t use your personal G Drive. Set up a new account with your new email.

Don’t share personal information with other sellers! You never know.

Be vigilant.

Be alert.

Stay safe.

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