Catch 22 – Getting Reviews on Panty Selling Platforms

I got this question from a seller: 

“I would like to ask your advice about something I have encountered being on Pantydeal. I have buyers who seem very interested and then at the last second back out because they “realize” I don’t have any reviews yet. It’s a circular argument like getting job experience. “We need you to have experience to work here.” But then how am I supposed to get experience if no one will hire me. I have taken the incentive of contacting top buyers, but still have not made a sale. It’s only been a couple days since I started. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciate. Thank you for your advice.”

I’ve talked about reviews on the Panty Selling Podcast a number of times, mainly saying not to worry about them too much but of course, I remember exactly what it was like sitting at 0 reviews.

I was crazy trying to get my first sale and it is impossible to gain trust when the person sees you have no reviews.

So here is my advice…

You will get reviews from getting your first sale (or two or three because not every buyer will review much to every seller’s irritation) if you do the following:

Show up on the site every day.

Add friends – buyers AND SELLERS

Comment on posts – that’s right, compliment sellers and reply to any questions or statements on overview. (Avoid fucking drama like the plague though!!)

If you’re on Pantydeal and you can, send some stickers and introduce yourself on the overview along the lines of the following: 

“Hey everyone. I’m MissBLABLA. I’m new to the site but I’m excited to be here and looking forward to selling some lovely panties to you”. I know, cliche. Try better than I have here but keep posting statements like that or along those lines for the first week or two. It shows that you are human and here to join the community.

Join my Sellers group if you want to connect with other sellers on your platform. They can friend you or send you stickers etc.

Reach out to buyers. Acknowledge the elephant in the room. You are a new seller and you don’t have reviews. You can see why they’d lack trust but everyone starts somewhere.

While we’re at it, acknowledge that the sellers with 100s of reviews also started where you are now!! You will get there with time, perseverance and dedication.

If you’re approached by a guy willing to give you a review for a freebie, it can be tempting. I’m not going to tell you not to do that but if he has a reputation on the site then you’re going to be ‘known’ straight off the bat as doing fake reviews and that can damage your reputation.

On the other hand, I think that giving some freebies for a few reviews to get you started isn’t all that bad. You just run the risk of NOT getting the review so there needs to be some trust upfront for that to work.

But I don’t have a big problem with it if it gives you the confidence to go on and be a great seller.

What might be better however is to offer a special introductory offer because you’re looking to get your first reviews. It might be tempting to go super low price but that doesn’t benefit anyone unless you literally do it for the first customer or two. Ongoing ridiculously low prices ends up pissing other sellers off because it lowers the value of the market.

You could do a free sexting session instead or a super low priced one. Again, it sounds crazy me suggesting it but I do remember the misery of wanting to do a good job but being passed over time and again because you have zero reviews to demonstrate you’re a trustworthy panty seller!!

I do stick by my previous assertion. Get KNOWN in the community by being friendly, participating and showing up and you will build TRUST, which will lead to a sale.

It might seem as if nothing is working but keep on keeping on and I promise someone is paying attention.

I hope that helps!

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