Should You Charge More for Couple Content?

I got this question from an Onlyfans seller:

“I’m making my way through your Make Onlyfans Your Bitch Training and I’m already getting so much out of it! It’s answered a lot of questions I had so I really appreciate it!
I had someone today ask me for a custom video that I wasn’t really comfortable doing so I gave him a ridiculously high price (thank you again for that advice!) but it led into the topic of videos with a partner. I’ve been quoting custom videos at $3 to $5 depending on content. 
My question is whether that’s the same price that you’d charge for a video with a partner. I haven’t encountered anything so far on the podcast about this so I hope I’m not asking something you’ve already answered!
Thanks so much!!”

Here’s my reply:

For me, custom videos start at 6 per minute.
If my partner were involved it would go up (you’re paying two people now). But it depends on the content and if you’re just getting started and want to make sales or you have a relationship with this customer then you might want to price lower.
My prices are my prices and you’re welcome to charge more or less depending on how comfortable you feel.
Custom requests are always a higher charge and if they involve two people then yes, they should be priced higher.
I hope that helps!

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