How To Choose A Panty Seller Name

I got this message from someone who wants to be a used panty seller:

“I am so excited to have found your resources and have thoroughly enjoyed the Panty Selling podcast! I am trying to do my research to have realistic expectations before jumping in, but I think I’m ready to take the plunge.

My current hang-up, which may be a silly one, is trying to figure out a pseudonym or user name to sell under so I can get my email/PayPal/site up and running. I prefer to keep as much anonymity as possible when dealing with potential buyers, but I still want to come across as real and engaging. Do you have any advice for this situation?”
Here’s my reply:
This is such a great question!
I cover how to come up with a name in my Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Used Panties online and I also cover branding in the upcoming Pics That $ell course.
So if we all had $1 for every Daddy’s Little Girl account we’d not need to sell our panties online, right?
You get my drift.
We want to not go for a name that EVERYBODY ELSE and their dog has.
Now, let me be honest. When I chose dragonlady, I actually didn’t choose it. I put no fucking conscious effort into it AT ALL. It was literally the first thing that popped in my head.
The number of guys that messaged me asking why dragonlady was ridiculous. They thought it meant I was a horrible, fiery dragon not to be fucked with haha!
Not the case. I mean, obviously don’t fuck with me but I just plucked the damn name out of thin air.
If I were to go back and do the whole thing again, I wouldn’t choose dragonlady.
I would probably choose Dalma or something like that. 
Dalma Rosa is my seller name.
So you’ve got a seller name and a shop name but I honestly think having them both the same is ideal. Make your shop name your ‘brand’ name so to speak.
In the Ultimate Guide I give you some suggestions about a shop name that isn’t your seller name. Mostly you’ll probably want to err on the side of caution and choose something feminine, sexy, sensual or whatever.
Don’t feel like you have to put panties in it! In fact, I’d probably avoid that.
Colours, seasons, flowers, nature etc. are good starting points if you want something that fits the essence of panty selling.
You can also find business name generators online that allow you to type in some keywords and it’ll throw stuff back at you. For example, here are the suggestions for ‘Panties’ and ‘Freedom’.
I do think should look more towards adapting a shop name from your fake name. There are also fake name generators that can help you. 
Your other consideration before you seal the deal is making sure that social media handles are available as you want all the same name across all platforms and social media channels you plan on using. So get it all set up before you sign up on everything and find that the name is taken.
Don’t get too hung up on it. Like I said, I chose my name on a whim and even though I’m not that fond of it, it hasn’t done me any harm!
Have fun with it. 
Know your brand (Pics That $ell can help you with that) and try and weave your brand identity through the name if you can. If you can’t, no problem.
Don’t be afraid to try something different but avoid anything that is either too long, difficult to remember, has long numbers in it or is hard to spell!! Those are the main concerns you should have. 
You want whatever name you choose to roll off the tongue, be memorable and be easy to find.
I hope that helps!

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