Choosing Your Panty Seller Name

How important is your panty seller name?

Well, pretty important.

I was messaging a seller the other day and she was asking me what I thought about her seller name. I didn’t think it was a great name (hey, I don’t think mine was either but I’ll get to that) but to clinch the deal I asked my husband to spell the word she had in her name.

He got it wrong. (This man has a PhD!)

So there’s that.

A buyer may mentally decide to come back to your profile later only to forget your name or misspell it. And there’s a lost opportunity because it wasn’t memorable or straightforward.

But spelling isn’t the only thing you need to be aware of.

Generally you want to avoid anything confusing or complicated with – or _ or numbers!

You also want to avoid adding ‘soles’ or ‘feet’ to your profile name if you’re actually also selling panties and sexting!

Your name ideally wants to be the epitome of who you are and what you’re here to do. Or if you are the brand then your name – a name that is succinct, sexy and short.

I joked on the 90 Day Plan about ‘Anal Annie’ (it was the first thing that came into my head which potentially says more about me than anyone else but there we go). If you saw the name ‘Anal Annie’, chances are you would be pretty damn accurate to within 99.999% as to what Annie is here to sell, right?

Now, that’s more along the lines of going for a niche – you can find out  more about that in my guide on nailing your niche – but the point is that if you’re only here to sell something specific, or if you have a particular USP, then it makes sense to include that in your name.

So let’s talk about my name. 

Dragonlady was the first thing that came into my head when I joined Pantydeal.

I gave it no thought at all and I ran with it. I did think about changing it but at the point where I’d given it more thought, it didnt’ seem all that worthwhile. Plus I’d built up a reputation by then and changing your name mid-flow seemed a bit unsensical.

If I were to do this again, I’d not call myself that.

Now, my ‘alias’ name ‘Dalma Rosa’, I’m pretty fucking happy with that.

How did I find it?

I came across the name Dalma online and liked it and then I did some searching online – you can find fake name generators on the interwebst – and I found Rosa. They both seemed to go really well together and that was that.

Over my years as a seller I’ve gravitated more towards Dalma than Dragonlady. When I joined platforms I always stayed consistent with my brand (which helped people find me on multiple platforms) and called myself Dragonlady. But more recently on select platforms like Onlyfans or IWantClips, I’ve gone with Dalma.

In the Ultimate Guide and 90 Day Plan you’ll find some ideas on how to come up with your name and solid advice in the Plan on coming up with a name and alias that suits you.

It’s important to get it as right as you can from the beginning because it’s not so easy to ditch it further down the line.

And, if you get it right, it can really help you to build your brand and your messaging going forward. Because our identity is at the core of all we do!!!

So, aim for simple, effective, memorable and on-brand.

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