Collaboration between Panty Sellers

One thing I’ve not talked about much on the blog or the podcast before is collaborations between panty sellers.

I’ve done a small number of collaborations with other sellers, some of which worked well, others, not so much.

In my mind there are a few reasons why you’d want to collaborate with other sellers.

It increases your visibility.

The sellers you collaborate with will have their own fans who may not be familiar with your work. When they buy from their favourite seller, all of a sudden they get to see what you have to offer.

If they’re impressed with the quality of your work, they’ll likely become a fan of you too.

It increases your perceived professionalism.

If you collaborate with sellers who have a high number of reviews, you will benefit from being associated with them as professionals with a lot of reviews or kudos.

It increases your income!

It goes without saying that if you’re collaborating, you’re going to be offering higher priced offerings that will boost your income. A video or panty wear that involves more than one person garners a higher price tag.

Maximises your efforts.

If you’re collaborating with three other sellers, that’s 3 times your advertising efforts. You have three other people doing work for you to promote you and your product. That increases your visibility without you having to do that much work. Of course, you are doing the same for them by doing your fair share of promotion.

You get to connect with awesome sellers.

I’m a huge believer in networking with other sellers. You never know where your next opportunity will come from and being open to collaborations is a really great way to make more connections with other sellers.  

You can access niche customer bases.

If you’re thinking about collaborating, the best advice I can give you is to try and create a theme or niche. Something that’s common among you will definitely help with your marketing and advertising efforts. Think about different things that appeal to customers e.g. MILF, BDSM, mature, red-heads, bathroom etc. 

As you know, I’m always one for experimenting with different ideas. If it bombs, it bombs. At least you gave it a try.


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