Coming Back After A Break

Even though I’m officially still on my Summer break, I’m making small strides into getting back into creating content.

It’s fair to say that these days I’m not selling as many used panties as I was before and instead I’m focusing on digital content creation.

I’ve spoken before on the podcast about taking time to evaluate the return on investment when it comes to your time and energy finding customers and converting them into cold, hard cash – or bitcoin if you’re going down that route.

For me, I literally have no time to shmooze customers on panty selling platforms. I have a small handful of regular customers who continue to want to purchase worn garments and that’s great – it takes no more than the exchange of a few messages here and there.

I’m more interested in creating content on my I Want Clips store because it’s easy and with consistent effort (which is actually the hardest part), I make good money on the site.

I toyed with another Onlyfans or AVN Stars account but I already know that I don’t have the time to commit to that level of content and sub attraction <—– cool name.

So I’m sticking with video content but I wondered how I could gear myself up to more given that it’s been 7 months of literally doing nothing (except podcasts and running Sellers Before Fellas).

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I hire accommodation to record content and the lockdowns have made that pretty fucking impossible up until now. I’m delighted to have FINALLY booked a place to record content in the next few weeks and get back into the swing of monthly recording and uploading to my IWC to generate more income.

Getting back into the swing of things after a long break is hard. It almost feels impossible.

I knew that I would have to take mini steps to get myself back in the zone of content creation and I reasoned that an ‘easy’ first step would be recording some audio content.

Audio content is a dream because you can do it in your pyjamas when you look like shit. You don’t need lighting or set up and can record it over and over until you’re happy with it.

I actually really love audio recordings. The hardest part is thinking up what to say or scripting your content. I prefer to go with the flow and find that once I get started (that might mean recording 5 or 6 times before announcing it’s shit and starting over) that I get into it.

It definitely helps if you are turned on by your content. <—– THAT is the golden ticket right there. Not always possible, granted.

I knew that another way to get my mind back in the game would be to write this blog!

A lot of sellers get overwhelmed when they try to hit the ground running after a break. Honestly, I think slow and steady wins the race. I’ve seen so many sellers announce they’re back only to disappear again very quickly. 

My advice to you if you’re starting back after a break is to find the easiest thing you can do and just do it. You need to build up that momentum again and when you make the sale you find that you’re motivated even more.

I uploaded my audio to IWC last night and it sold 4 times whilst I was asleep. That is what I’m talking about!

So yeah, set yourself up for success after a break by planning out some content and doing whatever you can to get back into the zone.

If you’re on a panty selling site, it can be as easy as logging in and liking people’s posts or cleaning up your shop.

Taking some new pics or doing some market research.

If you need some community, Sellers Before Fellas is there for you too and I’m happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Here’s to more income and the rest of 2021 being a whole lot better than the last 18 months!!

Dalma x

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