Creating Regular Customers

Here’s a question from a panty seller…

“Do you have any advice on reaching out to buyers to make sure they were satisfied with their purchase after it has arrived? And how/when to possibly reach out and entice them to buy again without being pushy?
I’ve had about ten panties sold now and it’s gone quiet well. But I was thinking today that I need to improve on my post-purchase communication if I want to create regulars.”
This is such a great question. 
For me, your customer ‘relationship’ begins at the point of sale. It revolves around a continuous but comfortable level of communication with your customer.
Of course you want to make sure that you’re offering an amazing experience from the beginning, but let’s take it to the point where they’ve paid you the money for your item.
At that point I always mention that I’m excited to wear for them and I maintain a ‘comfortable’ level of contact with them up until the point I’m ready to wear.
Then, I contact them on the day of the wear and send them the pictures that come with their order.
The next step is to inform them that their item has been posted. When I contact them to let them know, I ask them to contact me to let me know when it has arrived. If a period of time has passed and I haven’t heard from them, I’ll check in and enquire if they got the package yet.
In the package I enclose a note that thanks them for their purchase and asks them for a review. 
It’s important to note that in most cases I aim to go above and beyond their expectations and this is the most critical part of repeat customers.
If you recall a time you ordered something from a company and you got some freebie samples or a hand-written note, it really, REALLY makes a difference in building your goodwill towards that company. <<<<<—– THIS is where I’d start with creating repeat customers. How can I blow this customer AWAY with their order?
Now, that said, not every guy is interested in buying again and again from the same seller. But many will. 
Most customers (99%) will make contact with me when their package arrives and usually tell me that they’re happy with the items.
At that point I ask them for a review and leave them one.
Now, there’s no hard and fast rule here for when another order may come your way. 
I let buyers come back to me with their next order.
That said, some customers continue to send me sporadic messages and I’m fine with that. Or they follow me on Onlyfans so I have a level of contact with them on that. Or, if they check out my profile on a platform I may send a message and just see how they’re going.
If we have engaged on KIK I might say hello or send a pic here and there.
Let me be clear, NEVER with the intention of getting them to buy from me. Just from a casual keeping in touch perspective.
I never have and never will ask someone to buy from me ever. 
I TRUST that if they like me and the product I sent them, then it’s only NATURAL that they will want to purchase from me again and I leave it to that. 
The more work you do in the beginning building that experience, the less work you have to do aftewards with regards to encouraging additional sales.
You could contact them with a special offer and it would be rude not to of course.
You could also enclose a voucher that gives them 10% off their next order.
You could dream up any kind of loyalty scheme to treat your previous customers and show them how special they are.
But really, it’s a ‘from the outset’ type of strategy that will ultimately help them to decide to buy from you again.
I mentioned on the podcast about keeping ‘notes’ that help you to remember your customers. Who they were, what you talked about, their likes and dislikes etc. This shows them you care and when people feel remembered they feel valued. And when they feel valued, they want to engage with you again and again.
NOW, it goes without saying that you’ve not all of a sudden turned into a girlfriend now that they’ve bought from you and that’s why I referred to a ‘comfortable’ level of contact. Something that clearly isn’t infringing on your boundaries and your life. 
You’ll know if someone has too high expectations on your time and energy and that’s not worth an additional sale in my opinion.
I hope that helps!

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