Creating Videos And Pics

I get asked quite a lot about my videos and pics in terms of what I create and edit them on.

Here’s the full spill on how I create great videos and pictures to sell.

I make videos on my iPhone.

I trim the beginning and end (when I’m switching on and off the record button.

And I upload them to my G Drive (I have a video about how to make sure they are unable to be downloaded – if you need it, message me) and then I get the customer’s email address and give them access to their own folder..

That’s literally it.

‘m blessed to live in Spain where the natural light is pretty spectacular. I always pay attention to the lighting of the video and use a mobile phone holder (meant for a car dashboard) to stick and hold my phone in place and to get good angles.

I’ve had to edit two videos (out of about 70) because of the phone memory or because it fell off the wall. But apart from that, that’s it. (Edited together using iMovie on iPhone.)

No special effects.
No music.
No nothing.

But my vibe is definitely amateur. I want to keep it as real as possible and that means no fancy shenanigans.

The same goes for pics.

My husband takes a lot of my pics and I know he uses an app called Snapseed to get the lighting right and to filter out my facial features if they are in shot. I prefer to take pictures at the end of the day when the lighting is better. (Again, I’m blessed with sunshine so that might not be the case for you.)

Other than that, I use PicCollage to make my ‘adverts’ – if you could even call them that.

PicCollage for me is a simple (stunning) picture that I love with some writing on top that tells them what they need to do.

I keep it simple because I’d much rather be spending my time engaging with customers – or enjoying my life. Anything that takes up too much time is a no-go for me.

It’s not that I don’t care, I put a lot of effort into my pics and vids. It’s just that I think it doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

I take good pics and I get them out there. I don’t faff around with pretty layouts and beautiful lettering.

That’s just me.

I know that there are so many apps available for creating wonderful effects and you should definitely have fun and experiment. Just don’t take up too much time trying to create the perfect advert.

Spend more time engaging with potential customers.

That’s a better use of your time!

‚ÄčI hope that helps!!

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