Do I Have To Lie About My Used Panties?

I got this message in my group Sellers Before Fellas from a used panty seller:

“So I’m seeing buyers on ATW talk about how they like descriptions to include the smell of the item and what activities you do in them which is something I’ve heard before.

What I don’t get is how I describe the smell of the item when I have yet to wear it for the buyer and also, I can’t think of an exciting way to describe my activities. I don’t use specific underwear for specific activities and I don’t know how to make my daily life sound sexy?

All I do is go on walks, go shopping, see friends, sit around the house. I might masturbate on occasion in them but that’s it. I don’t know how I’m meant to make that sound enticing so I just have a basic description of activities I do in them in my bio but I can’t write exciting descriptions of activities in listings for specific items. I don’t get what I’m supposed to write?”


Here’s my reply:


First of all, you don’t have to do anything.

You can go down the route of writing enticing copy if you want to and of course sales is sales but if you feel weird or awkward or that you shouldn’t make shit up then definitely don’t do that.

Ok so I did a whole Panty Selling School podcast episode about scent and how to describe it.

You could give a general description of your scent over the course of the month like light and sweet moving on to juicy and stronger around ovulation before becoming more musky at the end of the month.


You could just give a general description of your scent overall.

I think I shared a link to a wine description in that podcast episode if you wanted to really go to town with all the scent stuff but most guys really just want to know how strong your scent is and that is not so easy for us to know without something to compare to.

You could run a campaign around that. HELP ME FIGURE OUT MY SCENT and have some kind of promo or bonus attached to those that reply or even ask previous customers (if you have any) how they would describe your scent. But also, guys have different perspectives so there’s that.

You could say that the panties you wear whilst bungee jumping are the best and really take the piss out of the whole activity side of thing but that’s more my vibe.

There are definitely some guys that want you to work out in panties so that they get a real sweaty scent but don’t feel you have to say you work out to entice them. You could mention that you work out on request to get them smelly. Or that you offer masturbation panties for an added premium.

The majority of sellers are wearing to order so you’re right, how can you tell them what you did when you haven’t done it yet? You could also say that each panty comes with a short story about what you got up to in them that may include getting naughty or whatever.

I honestly NEVER mentioned any of this shit and I sold plenty so don’t feel you have to lose any sleep over this at all. Hope that helps!

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