Do You Wear Panties & Then Sell Them?

I received this question from a new panty seller: 

Do I advertise panties then wear them once bought? Or do I wear them then seal them up and advertise? 

Do they go ‘stale’ if not sold soon after wear? 

Great questions.

So some sellers will wear and then store for selling purposes, but I’m going to say that is a very small minority.

Most panty sellers will wear to order. That means, the buyer picks the pair (most buyers want to pick what you wear) and then you wear them ONCE THEY HAVE PAID.

Always, always, always get payment upfront.

Some buyers will let you pick but the majority I have worked with have very particular requests in that it must be a certain colour or a certain style, or even a specific fabric like nylon or silk.

If you wear and then store them, no matter how well you’ve wrapped them up you will lose some of the scent. Then, by the time you sell them, which could be weeks or even months, they’ll be useless. Also, if they are moist when you package them, then yes, they could go off!

Not pleasant!

It’s always better, in my opinion, to wear to order.

You can however choose to sell ‘Laundry panties’. These are pairs you have in your laundry basket (although you could decide to store them properly – be aware you might be asked for pics of what’s in there!). 

Some sellers choose to offer these at a reduced amount as they haven’t been worn to order. They can make you some additional money.

But really, it’s best for business to not do anything without payment upfront. When I started selling I fell foul of a guy promising he was going to pay in a couple of days and I wore the pair he wanted. Needless to say he didn’t follow through with payment and I felt as if I’d worked for nothing, even though I had to wear panties anyway. 

Hope that helps!

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