Does Used Panty Selling Get Boring?

There’s lots of new sellers joining Sellers Before Fellas every few days. If you don’t know, Sellers Before Fellas is my selling group for used panty sellers online to get community and support.

Anyhoo, there was a conversation about how fun panty selling is and how it’s a far from boring job. 

Which is true.

This tends to be how most new used panty sellers feel when they first start selling their used underwear online.

But also, when you’ve been doing this a while – I’m coming up on my two year pantyversary – it can get a bit repetitive. And the honeymoon period is but a distant memory!

In reality, once you’ve learned most of what there is to know about how to sell used knickers to panty sniffers, there’s not much variety in terms of what you do to make sales.

You get yourself into a routine of logging in, posting, taking pics, wearing and reaching out and then your rinse and repeat pretty much every day!

You’ve heard all the lines that buyers pull on you about ten thousand times before and it’s hard not to become a little cynical about buyers and men in general…

The good news is that it’s possible to have some great rapport with some buyers (and other sellers) that really brings an added element of fun to your work.

In fact, if I think about what it is that makes just ‘normal’ jobs fun all around the world, it’s normally the relationships you have with co-workers and customers, right?

It’s pretty much the same with panty selling.

Oh, and the income of course. The days were you make three or even four figures in one day, is a high that probably not a lot of ‘normal’ workers experience, unless they work for themselves too.

But the point of this article is to say that if you’re not really enjoying panty selling anymore, then it’s possible that you’re just not as excited about it as much as you were in the beginning. And I think a lot of panty sellers can relate to that.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a break, although that can make things harder to get back into when you decide to go back to it.

Sometimes you need to totally rebrand yourself. Take new pics. Buy new products and makeover your shop and offerings.

Sometimes you can diversify your services. Consider subscription accounts like Onlyfans or AdmireMeVIP or AVN stars.

That’s why a lot of sellers end up moving into more digital content or niche services like domme work etc.

My advice is to add as much to your retinue as you can without becoming overwhelmed. That way, you can chop and change depending on how you’re feeling on any particular day.

The best way to keep it fun and interesting is probably just to decide that it gets to be.

Your mindset is the biggest piece of the puzzle here. For more mindset unfuckery, check out UnFuck Your Stuck, my journal prompts that can clear away bullshit and get you laser-focused on what’s important.

But really, just like any job, you’ll have good days and bad and the community of sellers in Sellers Before Fellas can help keep you on track. If you want to join, contact me via the website x


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