ED Emporium – UK Based Used Panty Selling Site

Here’s an update from UK based used panty selling site ED Emporium:

The site is made in the UK and is all built in house and run by a family team and volunteers.

2021 pricing – Free to browse. £2 for sellers (every 30 days) pay as you go, no subscription. £2 for buyers (one off fee)

What’s included –

  • Post to your journal, post an offer & a wanted.
  • Up to 5 photos per post.
  • Create your own private and group chats.
  • Post photos and create multiple albums.
  • Post to your panty drawer (which will be a sharable link when the site switches over)
  • Follow members.
  • Book mark posts and members.
  • Profile rating.
  • Ability to disable comments.
  • Block and report functions.
  • Customisable feed based on who you are following & what you are into.
  • Home page feed that shows everything that’s new, it also has a search facility.
  • Visitor activity.
  • Ability to see who is online.
  • Auto reposts on offers and wanted.
  • Add links to your other services, such as your Only Fans.

There is no leader boards.
There’s no personal ratings.
The posts stay on the site.
We’ve prevented flooding of posts from 1 user.
There are no high fees to join.
It is very mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

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