Everything You Need To Know Before Selling Your Used Panties Online

So you want to be good at selling your used underwear online?

I hear ya.

I got to thinking recently about how many sellers just don’t treat this as a business – which it most definitely is!

Sure, some sellers are in it for the short-haul, just wanting to raise some money for debt or holidays. I get that.

But a lot of sellers do plan to stick at this for a good amount of time and it’s those sellers that need to start treating their panty selling endeavours as an actual business!

So what I did was some research online on what to do when you want to start a successful business and the post below is going to talk you how this absolutely applies to you with your panty selling.

Know thyself. Understand your motivation and the amount of money you’ll need to risk AND what you’re willing to do to be successful.

What are you willing to give up to reach your goal. And whilst we’re at it, what is your goal? How much per month/year?

How many hours a week will you work to make that?

How far out of your comfort zone are you willing to go?

How will the amount of hours you work impact your family life? Keep your personal and family life in mind when you are starting out.

What is your big why? Why are you doing this? And what will that get you? This is EXACTLY what I talk about in the 7 Day Sales Challenge worksheets!

Do your numbers.

How much are your platform subscriptions going to cost you? Your stock? Postage costs? What cut might your selling platform take (Onlyfans, Indiebill etc.)

Have this information prepared beforehand. Every business needs to know its costs and margins!!

How much do you plan to make profit on each wear? How can you reinvest that in your business? Better camera? Lighting? Fancy underwear?

What needs are you best suited to filling for your customers? Can you niche? Are you great on the phone? Handy with movie editing or photography?

Don’t try to be everything to everyone!

What’s more. Do you want to fill that need? I know plenty of sellers who get stuck doing something that brings them no joy just because they happen to do it well. If you’re going to be doing this a long time, you want to make sure that you’re doing what brings you pleasure. And once you know those things, how much can they make you in income? Again, this is where my 7 Day Sales Challenge workbook can help you map things out.

Next up, is there a market for what you have to offer?

Well, we know that there are panty sellers and panty selling platforms, so clearly there is a market out there for used underwear sales. But don’t fall for marketing clout that tells you you’re set to make big bucks straight off the bat. There are A LOT of fly-by-nights and a lot of work to be done before you’re considered an established seller with a tonne of regular customers under your belt.

But really, it pays to research up front.

Where are people selling?

Where are people buying and how often?

I have a number of interviews right here on the blog with sellers and buyers that can help you get an idea.

How much are people charging?

Research your competitors. Find out as much as possible about what they sell and for how much they sell it. And don’t think this is a one-time deal. You need to be keeping on top of the market on an ongoing basis. Ear to the ground. This is another reason seller groups are ideal. You get to know what’s happening across the board.

Thinking ahead, what are the kinds of things you’ll need to do to generate business? Really think about it. How will you promote? How will you engage with prospective customers? No, I’m not suggesting you have a written business plan, that would be pretty hilarious though, right?

How often do you imagine you’ll be engaging with customers? Are you prepared for a proportion of that time to not generate any income?

How will you deal with non-delivery of items? Scammers? Bad reviews? Obnoxious clients? Needy clients? Other sellers stealing your ideas? Comparing yourself to other sellers? What payment methods will you offer? What will you offer if your account gets closed down (hello, Paypal)?

I’m not trying to be doom and gloom. I’m inviting you to go into this with your eyes open.

What information do you need to pay your taxes? What are the tax implications if you already have another full-time or part-time job?

Yes, a lot of this¬† you will figure out along the way. But if you spend at least some time going over it before you begin, you’ll be better prepared.

Don’t get bogged down by mistakes you make. Most of us have been scammed or learned a lesson the hard way. Fail fast, fail forward and keep going.
Learn from your mistakes and keep going. Don’t dwell on things not working out.
Learn from others. Find mentors (hello) and join seller groups (hello) and learn everything you can about the industry and what it takes to get from where you are to where you want to be. Research the panty fetish online. Read forums. Buy courses offered by those who’ve done what you want to do (hello). You’ll save a bunch of trial and error from learning from those who’ve been there and done that.
Mindset is so important – especially in this game. I have to journal the shit out of myself most nights just to overcome my own bullshit and negativity. Affirmations are huge. Check out the 7 Day Sales Challenge Worksheet to help you.

Think of what you do AS a business. Keep track of your income. EVERY NIGHT, write down what you earn. Even if it’s nothing! This is so important. Keep track of your outgoings too.

Engage. Engage. Engage. In the community. On your selling platforms. On social media. Reach out and get to know people – buyers and sellers. People buy from people.

Experiment. Don’t be afraid to market new products or services. Sometimes people don’t know what they want to buy until they see it advertised and in a good way! It’s trial and error to find what people are willing to exchange their hard-earned cash for. Sometimes your ideas suck and sometimes they’re gold. Keep putting stuff out there and test your audience.

Keep your eyes and ears open for new things. Are there newer or better ways to market your products and services? Are customers asking for something you’re not offering? Is there a different type of customer you should be targeting?

I hope this has given you some food for thought.

The best businesses are the ones who constantly evaluate how they’re doing and where they want to go. Your panty selling business is no different.

Where do you want this business to be six months from now? Earning how much? Doing what exactly? What about a year from now?

Get as clear as you can.

Clarity brings results.

If you need help, drop me a line. 

P.S. Ready to start selling your panties online today?


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