Following The Panty Selling Herd

I’ve joined at least three panty selling sites on the recommendation of another seller. And I’ve also partaken in other strategies and ideas that panty sellers have shared with me.

Some of them work. And some of them really don’t.

I just wanted to share today that sometimes following the herd is not always the best idea.

Especially if what you’re doing is already working.

Sometimes we want more – hell, we’re human! 

We think the grass is greener or even greener on the other side (or the other site). And so we get spellbound and go without first checking out whether what we’re doing aligns with our values, or whether we have the extra time to dedicate to new endeavours.

And then we get there and discover it isn’t as good as we thought or were led to believe. So then we question ourselves or end up feeling pissed off that we unconsciously followed everyone else.

I’ve fallen foul of this so many times and again recently. 

So I wanted to share with you today. The next time a panty seller tells you what they’re doing and you get that rush and that feeling in your chest that you need to go off and do it…


Just wait.

Scope it out.

Ask yourself what your reason for wanting to follow suit is and where it comes from.

Do you have time for this?

Are you going to go 100% into it and really do it well, or are you chasing the next big thing?

Because the last thing you want is to find yourself with fingers in too many pies and a scattered approach that leaves you feeling depleted and frustrated.

Sometimes simple is best.

Do what works.

Keep doing what works.

Leave the running around to everyone else.

If something is REALLY that good, it’ll still be there in a week or a month.

Just don’t get distracted and keep focus.


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