How Did You Get In To Panty Selling?

Today I’m asking a seller how they got into selling used panties online… I really love this story 😉

“Actually it was really by complete accident…

I sell a lot on eBay so I do the whole auction, yardsale thrift store scene.

Primarily I love vintage but so far never got into women’s clothes. Just before covid kicked off I had went to an estate auction and ended up buying some Victorian dresses to the amusement of my friends of course poking fun!

One of my lots had a pair of panties (I guess called bloomers at the time). Now, I’m super lazy when it comes to getting things listed on ebay, it’s lots more fun doing the finding and buying! So that box had sat in the basement for months without a second thought.  Until one day a lady at the antique store wanted to know if I had any vintage undergarments and of course I said I have 1 pair, early 1900s. She was super excited and we made the deal.

As a seller, I know there is a market for basically everything vintage and thought maybe I undersold so I started looking on YouTube for people selling used panties just to see if there was a huge demand.

One of the Panty Selling Podcasts came up. I guess because I didn’t specify vintage!!

Normally I would have just skipped out and found what I wanted but that accent and laugh got me to listen a little more.

So then of course the reseller in me automatically thinks $$$, so I did a little more research and thought this is really fascinating!!

I’m not big into porn or any type of fetish so I thought what would be a certain draw that most men like and that’s when I knew 2 girls was the ticket. But I knew I needed a discreet person to ask in case they thought I was trying something else.

The upside to covid (if there is one) is my being classified essential so I’ve continued to work.

One day walking into the office, I jokingly asked if any of the girls had any lace underwear I could use as a mask because I couldn’t breathe through mine. One girl said get your wife’s I replied she just had thongs.

Another one said you know that selling your underwear is a thing and she joked that she’d thought about doing it. I knew she was the one!

At this time I still hadn’t asked my wife but when I got home I showed her a few of the Panty Selling Podcast episodes and a few websites and she said “Sure, why not?”

So I texted back and forth with the other girl and got it arranged. I setup the emails, the payment options and finally the selling page (all of course under their new aliases).

Here was me thinking it was going to be all panties but the very first serious buyer wanted pee from both and asked for a price. You could imagine my wife and friend’s reaction but they said heck yeah!

I gave him the price, he countered and I accepted!

Next we sold a pair of socks. I basically got a message saying I want these what payment method and that was it yay!

And that’s the story of how we got started selling used underwear! All because of a super old pair of bloomers in a box and a random search on YouTube!

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