How Do You Ship Worn Panties?

If you’re a used panty seller then at some point you’ve perfected how you ship your worn underwear.

It’s a tried and tested method, sometimes passed down from seller to seller but just what is the best way to ship your worn panties?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Before we even start – what is the strength of your scent? I know, you might not have anything to compare it too – I mean, most of us don’t.

But generally you can tell if your panties are pretty overpowering after one day wear. Mine aren’t. And for that reason it’s written clearly in my profile that my scent is light. That way, no buyers are disappointed and know to ask for extra days if necessary.

Make sure you tell your buyers what to expect.

Once removed, generally I wrap from the crotch area. This keeps the scent well contained. So roll from the crotch upwards and fold neatly.

Alternatively, you can choose to use clingfilm to wrap around the gusset prior to the above step. This makes sure to really preserve the scent but it is a pain in the ass. Clingfilm is a mother fucker at the best of times but you may find it useful.

Secure it in place before you wrap and then make sure it’s wrapped up tight.

The next step is I wrap in tissue paper and secure.

Then I put in a ziploc.

Some sellers use a vaccum seal but it is possible to push all air out before sealing.

I’ve never invested in a vacuum seal machine but you will find them on amazon relatively inexpensively.

Once the ziploc is firmly secured (sometimes I even sellotape it) then I place it in the envelope with a hand-written note.

Some sellers choose to use lipstick to put a kiss mark on the note or spritz with perfume. These are lovely touches.

Don’t be afraid to be creative but always ensure your envelope is discreet – you don’t want to draw attention to it.

And that’s it.

Make sure you ship promptly. A lot of sellers use tracking as standard. I charge extra for tracked parcels.

It’s good practice to take a picture of the package with the address on it to send to your buyer and to let them know it’s been posted (and send tracking number).

Make sure to ask them to let you know when it arrives – they normally do that anyway.


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