How I Made $9000 in 10 Months Selling My Used Panties & Underwear

So it took me a while but I FINALLY sat down and calculated my income from selling panties online.

You may or may not know that my journey began on 26th December last year. We needed money fast and after reading a blog post about different ways to earn a side income, I stumbled across selling used panties.

I figured I could do that and so I promptly got myself set up on Pantydeal to give it a shot.

I made all kinds of mistakes. I fumbled and faltered figuring out what the hell I was doing and how to make sales.

Over time, I got better and better and I studied and focused on what the successful sellers were doing.

I knew I had to show up day after day. The money was a huge incentive to me showing up to build my client base – even on days when I didn’t want to.

I learned how to make sales and I tried to have as much fun in the process as possible.

I helped other sellers and the podcast was born.

And here we are. Ten months later and my tally of earnings has topped $9,000.

I’ve learned A LOT, sometimes the hard way. But mostly, and especially for the last four months, I’ve only ever sold what I wanted the way I wanted.

I’ve consistently UPPED my prices and I’ve got more confident in being me and trusting that the customers who vibed with me would BUY from me.

And it can be the same for you too! I know it. I believe it.

Today’s podcast was all about how to raise your prices. I’ve popped it at the bottom of this blog post for you to listen to.

I hope you enjoy it and can feel more confident in your pricing. Raising your prices to be in line with your self-worth and to feel compensated for what you do and how you do it is SO important. I believe it’s been fundamental to my success to raise the bar on an ongoing basis to feel and truly believe that I am worthy of receiving more.

It’s my desire to see you succeed as I feel I have. Not just financially, but in genuinely enjoying what you do and having fun with it.

If you’re struggling, don’t forget I have The Ultimate Guide ANDThe 7 Day Sales Challenge to help you along your journey.

Bear in mind that I chose not to work over the Summer, so really that income is based on only 6 months of working on this business.

If I can do it, you can too! 

P.S. Ready to start selling your panties online today?

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