Asking A Panty Buyer About Selling Panties

How long have you been buying panties for?

For about 5 years on and off. It actually started when I was unexpectedly handed a pair by a woman who I’d loaned some taxi money to. I guess that’s one way to express your gratitude!

Where do you buy from?

Mostly through PantyDeal however, I did have an arrangement where I was buying from someone in person. I’m not advocating that however as there’s obviously risks for both parties that need to be carefully.

How often do you buy a new pair?

On average, once every couple of months when it comes to panties. If the right seller comes along it might be a little more frequently.

Do you buy additional items from panty sellers? If so, what?

I’m mostly buying videos these days.

What do you look for in a panty seller?

The perfect seller is someone who has a good profile and ideally has some positive reviews. Buyers occasionally get scammed too so it’s nice to have some peace of mind that comes with reviews.

They should also list what they’re selling, how much they’re selling for and a pic that shows the items. Regardless of who makes first contact, someone who takes the time to establish a rapport and doesn’t immediately go in for the kill will always do well.

Personality really does go a long way too. I’m not interested in forced sexuality, I’d much rather communicate with the real you as that’s who I want to buy from.

With regards to price, it’s not really a determining factor for whether or not I’ll buy. If anything, too cheap is more likely to put me off. Having a few different payment options is also a good idea. Beyond that, it’s down to good, old-fashioned chemistry.

What turns you off from wanting to buy?

Going in for the cold sell! When the first message I receive is asking me if I want to buy something, I feel like I’m being viewed as a cash machine. It couldn’t be a bigger turn-off and I will not respond, let alone buy from you. I’m also not into haggling over prices. I’d much rather the price be listed as opposed to being asked to make an offer. If you think the price is fair and I want the product, we’ll both come away happy.

What advice would you give to a new seller?

Never contact buyers immediately asking if they want to buy from you! It’s the biggest mistake I encounter and is unbelievably common. You instantly stand out in a positive manner by not doing that. Spend some time setting up your profile with decent pics, prices etc and remember to say a little about yourself. Don’t give anything away for free, don’t suffer dickheads or tolerate anything that makes you uncomfortable. Do some research when it comes to setting your initial prices. You’d be amazed how often I’m asked by new sellers how much I think something should cost. Get to know your fellow sellers and learn from their experiences. Mostly though, get out there and have some fun.

What advice would you give to a new buyer?

Be respectful and easy to deal with and good things will come your way. When you have a good experience with a seller, recognise the efforts with a positive review. Not only does the seller benefit, so do future buyers.

Do you think the market is saturated with sellers?

Yes and no. There seems to be an influx of new sellers lately but there’s a lot who come in, have a go at a quick sale and then disappear very soon after. Thankfully there also seems to be plenty of well-established, quality sellers who respect their customers and make them very happy. So yes, there probably is some market saturation but quality sellers will always stand out.

What does the future hold for panty selling online do you think?

I think the future looks good. We’ve all embraced buying basically anything and everything online and there will always be a market for this type of thing. There’s every reason that buyers and sellers will continue to benefit and the industry will expand, possibly into the mainstream.

Any other comments you’d like to add?

Just to say thanks for reaching out to buyers to get some feedback from this perspective. Even though this has just been my humble thoughts and opinions based on my experiences and preferences, I think the more we all communicate about what’s working and what isn’t, the more fun we’re all going to have.

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