How Much Can You Earn Selling Used Panties Online?

The million dollar question: How much can you earn selling your worn panties online to strangers on the internet…

If you listen to *some* of the panty selling platforms out there you may be under the impression that a pair can go for $70-$100 each. Don’t even get me started on this article claiming someone sold worn panties for $5000!! Kudos to Sofia Gray for that little story going viral and encouraging thousands of women to flock to the site (and other sites) to sell their wears in the hopes of getting rich quick by doing nothing more than wearing panties!

The truth is you’re unlikely to be selling at $70-$100 a pair.

You’re sure as fuck unlikely to sell a pair for $5000 or even $500. HMU if this is your standard price, yo! 😉 

But if we come back to this dimension, we can probably expect to make anywhere between $25 and $60 per order (that means one to multiple days or add ons).

And if we’re really going for it, we could probably expect to sell anywhere between 2 and 20 pairs in a month – depending on how long you’ve been selling, how consistently you show up and how much work you’ve put in to marketing yourself and building your client base.

Now, if we add some additional items for sale on top of our worn items, well…

The world is your oyster in terms of how much you can make!

I realise that digital items don’t technically fall under the scope of panty seller but the truth is that 90% of panty sellers will sell additional items that include digital content whether that’s pics or videos or both.

And so if we factor all that in, there’s a good chance you could make a few grand a month or even up to 10K per month if you’re on subscription sites, clip sites and you’re really putting A LOT of time and effort into building your brand and presence online/

It’s important to note that not everyone wants to go for that level.

It’s also important to remember that sellers at the level have rarely just started out!

Making a considerable income online takes time and effort and tenacity. It’s not for everyone!

So for me, I averaged out at $15,000 over my first year and that was probably 50% of what I was capable of. I didn’t sell as much as other sellers. I wasn’t on subscription sites. I wasn’t working all the hours or really putting that much effort – compared to what I’m capable of.

What I made and what you’re capable of making are much, much different.

So to answer the question of how much you can make selling used panties online….?

Well, as much or as little as YOU decide.

You get to decide how much and then you have to match that up with a willingness to keep going and keep growing your business from the ground up.

You get to decide how much work you’ll do and how you’ll fill the gaps in your knowledge to take your business to the next level on an ONGOING basis.

It’s not easy. But if you’re the kind of person that gets a kick out of building something online and seeing a pretty quick return for that hard work (like, a few weeks usually), then this is a good business to try out. If nothing else you’ll learn a lot along the way.

I’ve just released the 90 day Plan which can take you from beginner to global pantypreneur in 90 days or less. If you want to find out more about how it can help you, check out this link.

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