How Often Do Your Limiting Beliefs Come Up?

When it comes to selling your used underwear online, it’s completely understandable that a bunch of negative and limiting beliefs are going to come up.

I’m not good enough is the main one, right?

Here are some of mine.

I’m not young enough.

I’m not pretty enough.

My boobs are saggy.

My ass isn’t pert and round.

I wish I’d started this ten years ago because my time is running out.

I’m too zany.

I’m not sexy enough.

Maybe I’m a prude.

I  have too many wrinkles.

Notice how most of these are based around my physical appearance.



That shit will come up.

A lot.

I wish I had a magic pill for you.

But I would be lying if I said this stuff never bothers me.

Of course it does.

But here’s how I handle it.

Journal. Pen. Write.

In that order.

Write it out.

All the bullshittery. All the reasons I can’t. All the reasons I’m not good enough.

And then, once theyr’e all out my head. I get to work.

I do the real work.

I turn it around. Complete 180.

Ten reasons why I can.

Ten reasons why I am fucking good enough.

Bring the focus back.

Back to me.

Away from them – all the other sellers out there.

Away from my negative and often bullshit beliefs about myself.

Back to what I know I’m capable of.

Back to how I have shown up and made my customers happy.

Back to what I can work on. To what is within my power to change.

That’s not my wrinkles (unfortunately).

That’s not my age.

That’s my belief in myself.

Being my own cheerleader and recognising that if I’m busy worrying about the bullshit, I’ve got my eye off the prize. I’m listening to fear. I’m listening to lack. I’m listening to evil, basically.

And when you’re in that space you will not MAKE SALES.

When you’re so busy talking shit about yourself, you will not MAKE SALES.

You just won’t.

It’s the dog and the walker analogy I talked about on episode 27 of the Podcast.

YES, allow these feelings to come up.

Write them out.

See them for what they are – fear, bullshit, other people’s nonsense you believed.

Then do a 180.

Write it out. Bigger. Bolder. BELIEVE THE GOOD STUFF. The stuff you’re too frightened to step into.

Because what if, right?

What if you really believed you were that kickass woman?

And once you’ve done that.

Get back to work.

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