How Should I Chase Up My Panty Buyer?

We’ve all been there…

You’re chatting to your used panty buyer on a panty selling site.

The conversation seems to be going well. Some decent chit chat back and forth and then the conversation leads nicely to a sale.

He picks out the panties he wants to buy.

You talk about how many days you’re going to wear.

Bit more chit chat perhaps?

And then…

Well, then things kinda just slow down. Or even feel as if they stop or go backwards!

I want to be clear, I’m not necessarily talking about ghosting here.

In my experience a real ghosting, like a GHOSTING GHOSTING normally keeps itself for the moment a price is mentioned. You say the price and you are left on ‘Read’ and that is that.

No, I’m talking about a conversation that includes the sale and carries on but then just doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

At this point a lot of sellers in my group Sellers Before Fellas ask if and how they should ‘chase’ the buyer. That is, how to bring up the conversation of the sale again.

The reason this comes up a lot is because it kinda feels icky. We are in a weird predicament where we don’t want to mention the sale again because we’re somehow scared we’ll be seen as only interested in the money. Either because WE FUCKING ARE or because we don’t want to come across as it being all important that we make the sale. Desperation isn’t a good look.

Now, if you were to ask in my group, you’d likely get a number of replies.

As I’ve said before on the podcast, you have to choose the approach that works for you. I’m not here to tell you how to run your business and whilst it’s useful to get advice and experience from other sellers, ultimately, you’re going to make your own mistakes and learn your own sales lessons.

So for me, I never chase. I’d probably even pretend like the whole conversation about the purchase never even happened. I KNOW! I’M INSANE! But for me, I just found that when I didn’t care too much about the sale, when I wasn’t super attached to it happening, it just freed up so much energy for well, making fucking sales.

If it’s not him, it’s someone else. That was my mantra.

Now, obviously the individual conversation dictates how you play it. But what I’m saying is that for me, the ball would be back in the customer’s court for concluding the sale. I might make a mental note that this customer could just be looking for conversation or trying to string me a long. Not necessarily though.

I made a resolution to NEVER CHASE.

Other sellers absolutely would raise it again. They’d message the customer and say something along the lines of

Are you still interested?

I have someone else looking for those panties you picked out. Let me know if you still want them.

Or something along those lines.

You might find that a very casual chase up works. I know it has for some sellers in my group. There can be a whole number of reasons why a sale stops mid-track. If you feel comfortable reaching out and attempting to conclude the sale then great! Go for it.

If you find that you do reach out and are ignored or that your customer says they’re not interested anymore and it feels shitty for you, then you might rethink the approach next time it happens.

And it does happen.


Perfectly normal used panty buying behaviour right there!

So the short answer to this question is chase if you want to chase or just tell yourself that that sale wasn’t to be.

Pay attention to energy drains who just string you along for a conversation. Because THAT is at least 17 times worse than being ghosted lemme tell you!

Hope that helps.

Dalma x

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