How To Avoid Being Scammed Buying Panties

Have you been scammed attempting to buy used panties online?


Join the club.

I have spoken to a lot of men who’ve been fleeced for their hard-earned cash in vain attempts to get their hands on some used panties.

So what can buyers do to avoid such a fate?

Well, here are my top tips.

Before we begin, it pays to have a realistic understanding of the risks you take before you decide to buy used underwear from a complete stranger online.

Yes, there are scammers out there.

Yes, they may not even be female.

Yes, they may even be partly legitimate (and female) but still scam you through ignorance, apathy or any other reason.

This is reality.

Yes, there are scamming websites (Panties Monster being one).

It pays for you to buy from a bonafide panty selling website like Scented Pansy, Pantydeal, Sofia Gray etc.

You may also find a lot of luck in purchasing from the likes of Craigslist or Gumtree but for the first time buyer, I’d not go down that route. Unless the seller is able to point you in the direction of some other online presence.

So let’s talk about online presence.

Not always, but usually, sellers will be present in more than one place online.

Look for a seller who has a panty selling profile on at least one panty selling site, as well as some social media presence like a Twitter page. An Onlyfans account is also a useful indicator that the seller is taking their work seriously.

I know it’s hard (pun) but please don’t make your decision to purchase based purely on the images you see on a sellers profile.

Scammers will usually rip images off (from models and the like) so it pays to do a reverse Google image search. If you see that those images are ANYWHERE else on the internet, chances are you’re dealing with a scammer. 

It pays to do your due diligence.

What else should you look for?

How long has the seller been selling for?

Most platforms will give you the date the person registered. This is a good indicator of how legitimate they are. But you need to do further research.

How often do they post?

How many friends do they have? What clout have their friends got? Are they big sellers or brand new?

Check their reviews.

When did they get their reviews and what for? Check the pages of the people leaving reviews. Could they be fake? Has that person got reviews of their own and over a good time period – i.e. not all in a couple of days and then nothing.

I know you may think this is killing the vibe somewhat. But trust me, nothing kills the vibe more than losing $100 you’ll never see again.

My advice is to wait at least 2-4 weeks from being on a platform before you purchase anything. You’ll get a good understanding of the community and who the bigger sellers are so you can feel more comfortable in your purchase decision.

Don’t be tempted to buy from the super cheap sellers. Sometimes they’re cheap because they’re scammers.

A legitimate seller will charge you between $25-$40 per panty. $5 panties are a real red flag.

Has the seller put in an effort? To her profile? Her shop? Her pictures?

You need to engage your brain (and not your dick) in this process if you want to make sure you’re not going to get burned.

Again, as I mentioned above, sometimes sellers can walk the walk and even talk the talk but they still (for whatever reason) decide that they’d rather have your money than do the work you paid them to do.

And as above, if you’re dealing with a seller who has a lot of reviews or a large online presence, you’re less likely to encounter that type of person.

Sellers who are in this for the short-term usually don’t have as much vested interest in providing you with an excellent service, because they’re not that bothered about whether you come back to buy from the again or not.

Great sellers are happy to chat with you a little to allow you to know, like and trust them before buying. Other sellers might not want to talk to you at all. And you get to decide who you’d rather do custom with in those cases.

Overall, use common sense.

When you’re making your first purchase, keep the risk lower. Don’t go head over heels and order hundreds of dollars of content straight away. Start small. Learn how it works and who you can trust.

Listen to my podcast on buyers etiquette for more advice on how to talk to sellers.

Thank you for investing your trust in sellers, even after you’ve been scammed. We appreciate it!

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3 thoughts on “How To Avoid Being Scammed Buying Panties”

  1. I’ve NEVER received the real deal when buying used panties. They were scentless even after steaming. I’ve had a few with skid marks that looked exactly the same. Recently I was sure I’d finally get the real deal but no dice. No scent anywhere. After steaming, it could be my imagination, the skid had a very faint cocoa scent. These rip-offs came from “validated” vendors who also had the “Premium Seller” stamp of approval which they can buy. After reading many reviews I realize 99% never use words like scent or smell. I also find the great majority of the high ratings are from those who purchased chats or videos and no panties. I’m giving up after being ripped off 3 times in one week.

  2. I always get great panties every time I buy. Never been disappointed, and they’ve definitely been used, smell and all, but I request a workout in them. Look and smell a lot like my exes underwear, so I will keep on buying.


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