How To Do A Dick Rating

I’m sure it would come as a surprise to many women in the world to discover that there are women like us on the interwebs making  money – good money – rating guys dicks by way of dick pics.

I remember the first time I saw other sellers advertising dick ratings/cock ratings online.

This was at the time when I was slowly but surely discovering and formulating my own offerings on my panty selling platform.

What I didn’t know, however, was just how you did a cock rating.

I mean, it sounded pretty easy in theory, but in practice?

I promptly did what the whole planet does when they’re unsure how to do something and Googled ‘how to do a cock rating’, hoping for thousands of pages and examples so that I, too, could be dick rater extraordinaire.

Alas, I was disappointed.

I found plenty of reddit threads where people were rating – for free! 

And I found plenty of results of sellers advertising them.

And that was about it.

I took notes whenever the conversation came up in the sellers groups I was a member of but I knew that the advice I was reading wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted to offer more than just a couple of lines about what I’d do to it or how it looked to me.

And don’t even get me started on Small Penis Humiliation! That was a whole other ballgame PUN!!!

Thankfully, for me, I happen to be good at a few things. I’m a good writer, I’m articulate and my over-arching philosophy is delivering over and above my customer’s expectations.

So, when I got my first order for a dick review, I took my time.

And I mean, I took a good long time deliberating over the pics (and video!) and took to writing out my thoughts and feelings based loosely on the structure that I’d learned about from other sellers. It was about ten paragraphs long. A TOME of a dick rating!

When I pressed send I waited tentatively for the response. I wasn’t disappointed. I mean, he wasn’t disappointed and his response meant I wasn’t disappointed with my effort.

He told me that it was the most thorough review he’d ever received – a compliment I’ve since had from a number of happy customers.

So my style it seems is ‘thorough’ and so I advertised that I offered very comprehensive and thorough reviews.

Now, that’s not to say you ought to do that too. But it meant for me, that I’d figured out a way to do it that worked for me and pleased my customers.

Since then, I’ve done a fair few reviews. Each time I felt more confident in how to do it.

I realised that there really isn’t any guide out there for sellers on how to do it so I thought, well fuck it, I’ll make one.

So here it is:

Your one-stop-shop ULTIMATE Cock Rating Masterclass.

It’s a 23 page PDF document teaching you EVERYTHING you need to do and how to do a cock rating, so that you can confidently begin offering this straight away to compliment your current offerings and match those offered by other sellers. 

Without having to do all the research.

Without scouring hundreds of reddit threads emulating other sellers.

Without worrying that you’re going to somehow do it wrong or offer something they didn’t really want!

Here’s the link to give you the full lowdown on what’s in the Masterclass: (click the image below)



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3 thoughts on “How To Do A Dick Rating”

  1. I have read your piece on getting around to do dick/penis ratings.
    It’s weird that I have a penis and that you do the ratings that could rate what you think of my penis (I prefer to refer to them as a penis rather than a dick).
    A question for you: from a females perspective what is your impression of what women think about penises. Dismissive, shock, dismay, sensation, floppy, ugly or indifference?
    Thank you for what you have written. It was informative.
    Guys are mostly preoccupied by the female body and it’s tantalising features. Secretly guys may wonder what is thought, by the opposite sex, of their genitalia.


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