How To Get Attention (And Therefore Sales)

I know you can relate to this.

You create an advert for your panty selling platform or social media. You choose an amazing pic and great wording and you’re excited because you’re posting your offers and eager to see who bites. 

So you post it on overview and in two seconds…it’s gone.

It’s already half way down the page because guess what? Ten or twenty other sellers were posting and reposting their offers at the exact same time.

You have seconds of attention from your potential customers.

Sometimes milliseconds.

And bitch, it’s hard to sell when you don’t have the person’s full attention. Because attention is king.

So what can you do?

Well, of course, this is where we see sellers showing FULL VAG with some cervix thrown in for good measure to GRAB ATTENTION.

Or ridiculous offers about $5 panties or ten pairs of panties for $15 in the vein hope that rock-bottom prices will bring you more attention and more sales. Spoiler: it won’t.

Or perhaps you go to ever greater lengths to up your game in terms of better pictures, a better camera, a ring light, the best app (that you have to pay for the best features) just to make your adverts stand out a little longer in a sea of forty billion other sellers.

And you go round in circles trying to get attention and get sales.

And now we know why people quit. Because bitch, that shit is exhausting!

Trying to stand out.
Trying to get attention.
Trying to get sales.

Here’s how to get attention the ‘right’ way. In ways that won’t have you pulling your hair out by lunchtime every day.

Understand your value. This isn’t the same as the ‘know your worth’ thing. Although, that doesn’t hurt.

No, what I’m talking about here is getting clear on your offer and your USP – your unique selling point. WHY THE FUCK SHOULD THEY BUY FROM YOU?

I’ll wait…

Seriously, this is your very starting point. 

Moving on.

Who are you best able to serve?

Please don’t answer that you are here to sell to everyone. If you try to please everyone and be the best to everyone, you’ll end up pleasing nobody, or at least being mediocre to everyone. 

WHO DO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH? Who’s your ideal customer?

I’ll wait…

When you know who you’re talking to, it makes it easier to talk to them in your adverts and posts. Sellers are scared to niche down because they think they’ll end up losing a lot of income. But being too general will lead to the same outcome. 

Next up, it’s easier to make a connection when you’re not trying to be something you’re not. 

Because bitch, that shit is exhausting. Again.

BE YOU. ALL OF YOU. People will be magnetised to you in just the same way they would be in real life. Whenever we get back to meeting people in real life… 🙂 

Let your personality shine through.  I posted this on my Twitter the other day.

There’s no competition if you’re being yourself. If you’re trying to be like all the other sellers, then get ready to drown in a sea of sameness…

Start with them. Them being your customer. What do THEY need? You have to start seeing them from their perspective and how you can meet their needs and desires rather than your own. Trust me, this shit is HUGE.

Create connections. I talk about how I made so many sales on Pantydeal in my Pantydeal training and a big part is connections. Rapport. Building know, like and trust. It all matters.

BE A DAMN GOOD SELLER. I mean, this goes without saying. But really, if you create an exceptional experience for every single customer as if they’ll be your only one, you will generate more income than you can imagine.

Don’t be fucking desperate. We’ve all been there. The guy that likes you a bit too much. It’s repelling. It’s all about balance. Come across too keen and you end up looking desperate. The same applies in business. Desperation reeks and your customers will feel it and be instantly turned off.

Intrigue. Mystery. Scarcity. ——>  $$$$ 

Lastly, be enthusiastic. Do you LOVE what you do? When you do, your customers can tell and they want to be part of the party. If you don’t love your business, learn to fucking fall in love with it. Now. Straight away. 

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Dalma x

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