How to Get Started Selling Used Underwear Online

First off, NO, you won’t make $500 a day.

Not for a while anyway.

Maybe not ever.

Still here?


Realistic picture: you’ll work tonnes of hours and kiss many a frog before you find your panty-buying Prince.

You’ll spend hours glued to your phone/laptop, ignoring your boyfriend/dog and social life because you’ll be hot on the heels of some panty sniffer who takes three hours to tell you he’ll be ready to buy in two weeks on payday.

And finally, you’ll be disheartened, fucked off, burnt out, stressed out, fed up, weirded out, freaked out AND MORE and that’s before lunchtime.

Still here?


Panty selling is a fun, potentially lucrative side hustle for women who’re prepared to put in the blood, sweat and tears (no, literally the first two) into making it work.

It’s made me a nice little side-income (read about that in my book ‘How I Made $15,000 in one year Selling Used Panties Online‘. It’s an interesting job in an interesting community.

But yes, you’ll go round in circles and question yourself a lot.

And yes, you’ll likely feel like quitting about seventy times.

At least 80% of sellers who join the industry quit in the first three months.

It’s fucking hardcore, babe.

Are you up for it?


Anyone that tells you this is a shortcut to riches or a get rich quick scheme is yanking your panty wearing chain.

You need the skills and the hustle to make it work in this industry. You don’t need to know how to sell but you do need to be willing to LEARN what there is to know.

That’s where I can help.

I’m Dalma, PANTYPRENEUR and fetish seller for two years – STILL A FUCKING BEGINNER! 

I care about sellers and I’m here to help.

Check out the training programs on my site or listen to my 100K download podcast The Panty Selling Podcast

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