How To Go The Extra Mile Selling Your Used Underwear

Going the extra mile…

What can you do today to bring more joy to your customers?

To turn that guy that just bought into a regular that becomes loyal to you for the next twelve months?

What can you do to really impress the guy that treated you kindly and with respect?

What can you add on to the order?

What additional value can you bring? To buyers and sellers?

How can you make this community safer? More fun? More profitable for everyone?

What can you do to make your work easier? More stress-free?

What can you do to be more organised? More focused?

What new platforms can you look into?

What advice can you give to new sellers? To yourself?

What would it look like if it were easy?

How can you show up today? For yourself? For other sellers? For the community?

Going the extra mile is a practice. It’s something you have to train yourself to do.

Yes, this is a business. 

Yes, treat it as such.


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